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a baby seal is called a pup

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Q: What the the baby seals called?
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How many babies do hooded seals have?

they have one baby at a time. The baby seals are also called pups.

What are baby seals are called?


Why are baby sea elephants not called babies?

Baby Elephant seals are called pups.

What are baby harp seals called?

white coats

Are Baby Harp Seals Mammals?

All seals, including baby harp seals, are mammals.

What is happening to seals and baby seals?

Hunters are killing the seals. Since there are not enough mother seals, there wouldn't be any baby seals. They should stop hunting seals. Support the cause!

What are baby sea lions called?

a baby sea lion is called a pupBaby Sea Lions Are Called Sea Lion Pups And Seals Are Called Seal Pups What Else .

Where can one donate to protect baby seals?

There are a few places where one could donate to protect baby seals. The best places to donate to the protection of baby seals are: The Humane Society and Harp Seals.

How long do seals stay with their pups?

Most species of seals stay with their pups for about one month. During this month the baby seals feed from their mother but after that the baby seals feed themselves.

What is a colony of penguins and seal called?

A colony of penguins is referred to as a waddle. Waddle refers to penguin colonies that are on land. The water colonies are called a raft. The colony of seals are called a herd. A group of young baby seals are called pods.

How long can baby leopared seals live?

baby leopard seals can live up to 90 years old .

When was Glowsticks for Clubbing Baby Seals created?

Glowsticks for Clubbing Baby Seals was created on 2006-07-11.

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