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Romance! (naturally) And also, re word this, they were both set in the English country side, and the heroines travelled to friends houses or had to move house.

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Themes common to these novels include social class and the constraints it places on individuals, the role of women in society, the importance of personal growth and self-discovery, and the exploration of love and relationships within the constraints of societal expectations. Austen also emphasizes the power dynamics present in relationships and the importance of moral character and integrity.

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Q: What themes do Jane Austen's Mansfield Park Emma and Persuasion have in common?
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The literary criticism of "The Garden Party" by Katherine Mansfield often focuses on themes such as social class, privilege, and the contrast between the idyllic garden setting and the harsh realities of life. Critics also analyze Mansfield's use of symbolism, imagery, and character development to emphasize these themes in the story. Overall, many critics praise Mansfield's ability to explore complex social dynamics and human emotions in a short story format.

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