What things are French?

Updated: 12/27/2021
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Q: What things are French?
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What do french eat in breakfast?

Much the same things we do, with french recipes; this does not include things such as french toast, that is a snack.

How do you say my list of things in French?

My list of things is 'ma liste de choses' in French.

What food has french in front of it?

French Fries and French Toast are the only things I can think of.

What is the name of a person who loves all things french?

A Francophile is a person who loves all things French.

What do the French sell?

they sell things

How do you say things about me in french?

Things about me= des choses sur moi

How do you spell things in french?

a thing is 'une chose' (fem.) in French.

What was something the French did?

THe french did many diffrent things one of those things are living. Yes the French are allive even though some are dead there alive! yeah im the best!

What are some things the French are famous for?

speaking french, wine and cheese, and eating escargot.

What is French vanilla?

French vanilla is so many things but the main thing is in coffee

What is the word 'chose' in French?

chose- things

How to spell the things in French?

Les choses.