What things don't float in water?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Any object with density greater than 1.

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Q: What things don't float in water?
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Can you name some things that dont float in fresh or salt water?

Churches! Very small rocks!

Does galena float in water?

no it dont

What is a liquid that makes things float?

It is quite common for various things to float in water. But any liquid can cause things to float.

You are green put you in water you dont float what are you?

Denser than water.

What are things that float on water?


What are bobwhites?

things that float in water

Why does some things float on water while others dont?

Some objects will float on water as the density of the object is less than that of water. Conversely, if an object is more dense than the density of water, then it will sink.

Why does salt water make things float?

salt makes the water denser, so things that are now less dense than the salt water will float

What are facts about lilypads?

Lily pads are green things that float on top of water and frogs jump on them. But dont be fooled-these are very dangerous! :D

How do things float?

things float because they are less denser then the water. second things do not float, the molecules from the water support the molecules from the thing on the water. that is how something heavy can float. it just has to be boyent meaning it is spread out enough so there is more water molecules to hold it up. if you mean in the air it is the same concept.

Why does fresh water float on salt water?

Freshwater is less dense than saltwater, and so it tends to float on top, as less dense things tend to float on denser things.

Do things float in alcohol?

Yes. For every fluid, there are things that float in it ... they just have to be things that are less dense than the fluid. That's how stones float in mercury, logs float in water, and hot balloons float in air.