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The Battle of Fort Sumter began on April 12, 1861 at 4,30 AM.

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Q: What time did the Battle of Fort Sumter begin?
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Why did the Battle of Fort Sumter happen?

aint noody got time for that!

Who was the Union general at the time of the Battle of Fort Sumter?

Lee M. Tigerman

Was the Battle of Bull Run before or after the battle at fort Sumter?

The battle at Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC was technically what commenced the war and was the first battle of the Civil War. The Battle of Bull Run was some time later, near Washington D.C.

Who was the leader of the Confederacy when the Battle of Fort Sumter was fought?

Fort Sumter was forced to surrender on April 13, 1861. At that time the Confederacy was led by provisional President Jefferson Davis.

What was significant about the Attack on Fort Sumter?

It was the first battle of the Civil War, the first time shots were fired

How were the key battles of the civil war examples of seccessful or failed national war strategies?

Battle of fort Sumter- four years from the time of the evacuation of Fort Sumter it was "repossessed" by the government. The stragegy was a failed war strategy.

Why did the confederates win the battle of Fort Sumter?

because the north was fighting the native americans at the same time that they were fighting the confederacy. so they had to split their army.

What was the problem with fort Sumter?

Well at the time Fort Sumter was attacked it was waiting for food and other nesseceties to be supplied by Washington D.C. so they were in no shape to fight the southerners.

Who was the leader of the union's when Fort Sumter was fought?

President Abraham Lincoln was of the whole union at the time Major Robert Anderson was the leader of the union forces at fort Sumter.

How big is fort sumer?

It's a little more complicated than that. Fort Sumter sits in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, South Carolina seceded from the Union (the first to do so) and with six other states, created the Confederate States of America. Lincoln declared secession to be legally void, and maintained possession of federal property. Fort Sumter was a US fort; as such, it was a federal property. It was also inside the Confederacy. At the time that the "first battle of the Civil War" occurred at Fort Sumter, the fort was a "Union fort". The fort surrendered, however, and was held by the Confederacy throughout the duration of the war.

Who was involved in the firing on fort Sumter?

People there were Generals Grant and Lee, the Confederate and Union soldiers at that time.

Why do you think president Lincoln took the time to tell South Carolina that he was sending suppliesnot weapons to fort Sumter?

He was trying to avoid creating a conflict. By sending supplies and letting them know that, they hoped that they would be able to re-supply the fort without a battle.

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