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The Battle of Fort Sumter began on April 12, 1861 at 4,30 AM.

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The battle at Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC was technically what commenced the war and was the first battle of the Civil War. The Battle of Bull Run was some time later, near Washington D.C.

Fort Sumter was forced to surrender on April 13, 1861. At that time the Confederacy was led by provisional President Jefferson Davis.

The time of April 12th 1861 to April 15th. It contained a nonstop 34 hour battle.

It was the first battle of the Civil War, the first time shots were fired

Battle of fort Sumter- four years from the time of the evacuation of Fort Sumter it was "repossessed" by the government. The stragegy was a failed war strategy.

because the north was fighting the native americans at the same time that they were fighting the confederacy. so they had to split their army.

President Abraham Lincoln was of the whole union at the time Major Robert Anderson was the leader of the union forces at fort Sumter.

Well at the time Fort Sumter was attacked it was waiting for food and other nesseceties to be supplied by Washington D.C. so they were in no shape to fight the southerners.

It's a little more complicated than that. Fort Sumter sits in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, South Carolina seceded from the Union (the first to do so) and with six other states, created the Confederate States of America. Lincoln declared secession to be legally void, and maintained possession of federal property. Fort Sumter was a US fort; as such, it was a federal property. It was also inside the Confederacy. At the time that the "first battle of the Civil War" occurred at Fort Sumter, the fort was a "Union fort". The fort surrendered, however, and was held by the Confederacy throughout the duration of the war.

It is part of the civil war. this was the first battle of the civil war and all started when Fort Sumter was running low on equipment. he didn't want them starving or in need do he promised that he would bring supplies to the fort and no troops. then when the Fort Started see troops arrive with their food and equipment then shot their first shot. they went back and forth. this battle only lasted only about 2-3 Days the walls, before the destruction, were 5 feet thick so it can take bombs bullets and grenades. they needed these wall very strong they were about 7 feet and higher. If you chose to do the battle of fort Sumter cuz ur gunna have a really hard time to find anything useful on your paper, id recommend Battle of Gettysburg because there is a lot more stuff to write about so it much easier

He was trying to avoid creating a conflict. By sending supplies and letting them know that, they hoped that they would be able to re-supply the fort without a battle.

People there were Generals Grant and Lee, the Confederate and Union soldiers at that time.

The US Civil War broke out on Apr. 12, 1861 with the Bombardment of Fort Sumter and ended with the Battle of Palmetto Ranch fought on May 12-13,1865.

During the American Civil War, the force that laid siege to Fort Sumter initially consisted of militia troops from the Southern state of South Carolina. For several months, Fort Sumter was left alone, if also watched carefully, by these militia -- until April of 1861, at which time the fort was besieged and then bombarded into surrender.

The War Between the States, better known as the US Civil War began in 1861. The last state to secede before the surrender of Fort Sumter was Texas in February of 1861. After Fort Sumter, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina seceded. To many people the attack on Fort Sumter was an act of rebellion. There was no way for anyone to predict it would be called a war at that time.

The Confederate Secretary of State was Robert Toombs. He was a native of Georgia and a man with common sense. He pleaded with President Jefferson Davis to not attack Fort Sumter. He warned Davis and the Confederate cabinet that an attack on the fort at this time was "suicide". His exact words also were that " ( the attack ) was wrong and unnecessary... it was wrong and it was fatal". Davis' cabinet confirmed his orders to assault on Fort Sumter. The rest is history.

It was a Confederate victory, because the Union garrison packed up and sailed home. It was not strictly a battle. But it was the first time there was any exchange of fire, and four more undecided states opted to join the Confederacy on account of it.

After the surrender of Fort Sumter, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers for the army. He time the volunteers would serve was for three months. Lincoln's response to to quickly end the rebellion, and he was certain it would.

It was the first time actual gunfire was exchanged. As such, it was the first battle of the Civil War.

General P.G.T. Beauregard and Maj. Robert AndersonFort Sumter was a Union garrison on a tiny island in Charleston Harbour, commanded by a Major Anderson.In April 1861 the Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, decided that it was time to assert control over this fort. (It was in South Carolina, arguably the most Confederate state, the one that had started the war.)On Davis's signal, General P.G.T. Beauregard ordered the artillery to fire on Fort Sumter.The outnumbered garrison soon evacuated the fort. Lincoln retaliated by calling for 75,000 volunteer troops (which Sherman described as no better than a water-pistol), and four more states declared for the Confederates.The war was on.On 1 June 1796.

The French won the battle of fort necessity. This was the only time George Washington ever surrendered in a battle, this was because his interpritor made an error in translating.

Confederate States of America. There were actually seven of them by the time Lincoln was inaugurated. Four more joined after the Battle of Fort Sumter.

The Second Battle of Fort Wagner was on July 18, 1863 in South Carolina. There Confederate forces stopped for the second time, the Union's attempt to capture that fort.

Fort Sumter is located in Charleston harbor in South Carolina. in 1861 South Carolina joined the Confederate States of America,and in so doing her star was now one of seven that was now repersented by the flag of their new nation,officaly known as the First National Confederate flag, its true nick name is the Stars and Bars. This flag is not ''the'' Fort Sumter flag. the use of the ''Stars and Bars'' at Fort Sumter simply shows that Ft. Sumter at that time after april 12 1861 was now under the joint control of the state of South Carolina and the Confederate government then sitting at Montgomery, Alabama.

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