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WWE Extreme Rules 2012 was on Pay Per View on April 29, 2012 at 8 am in the Philippines.

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When does wrestling come to cm punk's hometown?

At extreme rules on April 29 2012

When will chris Jericho come to the WWE?

Chris Jericho will come back at Extreme Rules, after Wrestlemania 30.

What channel does extreme rules come on?

24Please also visit my site for tips and guides.http://www.mmospot.net/

Did the veronicas will come here in Philippines?

Hopefully they do come to the Philippines someday.

When is Pokemon white 2 come out in the Philippines?

probably a week after the North American release which is October 7, 2012.

When will the iPod touch 5g will come to the Philippines?

The iPod touch 5g will come out in the Philippines in October 15,2012

Where did the word 'Philippines' come from?

The Philippines was named after King Philip of Spain. The Philippines used to be a colony of Spain.

When did Muslims come to the Philippines?

Mukdum, an Arab scholar from Mecca, was the first Muslim to come to the Philippines in 1380 A.D.

What are some races that come to the Philippines?

Some races that come to the Philippines are the Indonesians, Malays, Japanese, Spaniards and the Americans.

Why there are migrants in the Philippines?

Forgive me if this is not in alphabetical order. Africans come to the Philippines for settlment. Americans, Canadians, Australians, Israelis and Europeans come here to invest, settle, retire and establish businesses in the Philippines. Indonesians come to the Philippines for trading, settlment (since Mindanao is just north of the Philippines) and better fishing in addition to that most Indonesians come here illegaly. Indians come to the Philippines to establish businesses and/or they view the Philippines as a place of prosperity. Japanese, Chinese, Malaysians and Koreans come to The Philippines for business, investment, low cost of living and We are western like nations conviniently located in Asia. Cambodians, Vietnamese and Laotians came to the Philippines at the end of the Vietnam War but they continue to come for the prosperity in the Philippines. Lebanesese, Iranians and some other Arabs come here for low living costs and to establish businesses. Thais come here possibly because were quite simmilar. I must add that the Philippines is a nice place to live in, the people are friendly and of course to settle in the Philippines, in addition to that the Philippines is quite a multicultural country.

Does the Philippines come from a specific country?

The Philippines is a country. Its people are called Filipinos.

How did Roman Catholicism come to the Philippines?

When the Spanish colonized the Philippines they brought Catholicism with them.

What is MHEG?

a name come from in the philippines!!

Where did the first people in the Philippines come from?

The first people in the Philippines were Negritos, believed to have come from mainland Asia through land bridges.

Where did the I Love You virus come from?

At the Philippines near Manila city (Capital city of the Philippines).

Why did the Spaniards come in the Philippines?

The Spanish came in the Philippines for 3G's. gold, glory and God.

What happened to the Philippines if the Japanese did not come to the Philippines?

If the Japanese didn't come to The Philippines then the country would be more developed because they had to spend a lot of time and money rebuilding the country after the war ended.

When will the 2012 model come out?

when willthe 2012 model come out?

Do Iranians need visa in going to the Philippines?

my husband iranian need visa to come in philippines?

When should you come out?

There are no rules on this, come out if and when you want to and feel comfortable with it.

What is the proper adjective for Philippines?

Oh come on if there is a person that came from the Philippines you better know this. IT IS A PHILIPPINO.Filipino

Who is the masked man that helped cm punk in extreme rules?

Apparently the 'masked man' that appeared was joey mercury, probably gunna go by a new name with his persona change. but we'll see in the weeks to come

From which country does a Filipino come?

A Filipino comes from the PHILIPPINES.

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