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Q: What time does the tooth fairy come out at night?
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What time does the tooth come at?

the tooth fairy comes out when you are asleep. :]

Will the tooth fairy come if you have a baby molar?

yes probably, the tooth fairy comes every time usually....

What time does a fairy come out?

fairys come out in all seasons because there are different season fairies if you are talking about the tooth fairy she comes out when you lose your teeth or a tooth

Does the Tooth Fairy play with you at night and freeze time?

of course, especially when you are having a wonderful dream

How did the tooth fairy get popular?

By coming visit the children in the night time of exchange of the child tooth to a gold coins under her pillow.

What is the tooth fairy's birthday?

a new tooth fairy is born every time one of your teeth falls out! :)

When does the movie The Tooth Fairy come out?

the movie comes out Jan. 22, 2010, have a fun time watching it!!!!!!!

What time dose the tooth fairy go to bed?

Its a time that no one wil know!! i dont mean to hurt you but theres no such thing is a tooth fairy...sorry

Does the Tooth Fairy take a little longer to come when it is Christmas time because of Santa being so busy?


What time is the tooth fairy coming to your house?

The tooth fairy is very shy, and only comes while you are sleeping, to avoid being seen.

Is the tooth fair really?

yes the tooth fairy is real if she or he wasn't then how wold take our teeth at night and give us $$$$$$$ it wouldn't be our parents give us money all the time

What time does the tooth fairy pick up a tooth?

When your tooth falls out show it to everyone and then put it under your pillow. Normally the tooth fairy will claim it while you are asleep, or within a day or two, and may leave money or a gift in its place. You have to announce it so the tooth fairy gets the message.

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