What time period did Jane Addams work at the hull house?

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Why was the Addams home called the Hull house?

Jane Addams home was called hull house because it was founded in 1856 by Charles J. Hull It was becase Charles hull built it It was becase Charles hull built it

What did Jane Addams want to change?

Child labor laws, women"s rights in general. societal attitudes towards armaments and war- this incurred the wrath of big-league Defense contractors such as U.S. Steel- though there was an is a Carnegie Endowment for Peace- not to be confused with the Hero Fund or the musical hall! Carnegie was esse ( Full Answer )

Who was Jane Addams?

Jane Addams, born September 6th, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois was asocial and political activist, author and lecturer, communityorganizer, public intellectual. She died May 21st, 1935 in Chicago,Illinois. Her parents were John H. Addams and Sarah Weber. Jane Addams (1860-1935) was an American socia ( Full Answer )

Who was Jane Addams and what was Hull House?

Jane Addams established Hull House, a center for sociologicalresearch. She was a champion of the poor and disenfranchised and aleader in the Progressive Era. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in1931, played a major part in establishing government safety andhealth standards and regulations, and helped to ( Full Answer )

What did Jane Addams do at the hull house?

Jane Addams founded Hull House in 1889,with her friend, Ellen GatesStarr, in Chicago, Illinois. Hull House was a research center, andincluded facilities such as a night school for adults, clubs forolder children, a public kitchen, an art gallery, a gym, a girls'club, a bathhouse, a book bindery, a m ( Full Answer )

Where did Jane Addams work?

Jane Addams worked primarily as the founder and director of Hull House in Chicago, Illinois, although she traveled widely as a leader of several organizations and as a prominent speaker.

Why is Jane Addams famous?

she was the founder/creater of the Red Cross, co-founder of the Hull House,andshe had also won a noble piece prize winner as well

What family did Jane Addams have?

Jane Addams' parents were Sarah and John H. Addams. Jane's mother died when she was 2 and her father later married Jane's step-mother Anna Haldeman.. Jane had 8 siblings: Mary Catherine, Georgiana, Martha, John, Sarah Alice, Horace, George, and a younger sister whose stillbirth precipitated her mot ( Full Answer )

Who was Jane Addams lesbian partner?

Mary Rozet Smith was her long-time ( Co-liver or housing mate). This is very sensitive, what with her being a Nobel Peace Laureate.

Who did Jane Addams marry?

Jane Addams was a sociologist, advocate for women's rights, and anauthor who lived from 1860 to 1935. She was never married.

Who was Jane Addams husband?

Jane Addams did not have a husband. Her life partner was a woman by the name of Mary Rozet Smith.. In letters, Jane described herself and Mary as married to each other. The pair met in 1890 and eventually bought a home together in Bar Harbor, Maine. During their relationship, Mary performed all the ( Full Answer )

What was Jane Addams' childhood like?

Jane Addams was born to Sarah and John H. Addams in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, 1860. Her father was a prominent and wealthy Senator and banker, whom Addams has credited as a major influence on her life. She had 8 siblings, only 5 of whom lived past childhood. Addams' mother died of complic ( Full Answer )

What problems did Jane Addams face?

There was a lot of criticism that Jane Addams faced. But mainly people misunderstood Hull House and thought of it as charity work when it really wasnt. I hope this helped!

Did Jane Addams have children?

No, and she was never married. it is interesting to relate in some states, married women were not permitted to be employed as school teachers! Imagine such as silly law today. One cannot fathom a reason for this statute. Ms. Adaams was not in the teaching profession, but did have educational functi ( Full Answer )

What was Jane Addams contributions?

hull house, worked against WW1, nobel peace prize of 1931, changed laws to help the poor, changed laws on the way kids are tried in court

What did Jane Addams do for fun?

Though intensely devoted to social justice, particularly her work at Hull House, Jane Addams also highly valued the arts and is quoted as saying "It is good for a social worker to be an artist, too.". Addams was also frequently attended the All Souls Unitarian church in Chicago.. She traveled exte ( Full Answer )

How old is Jane Addams?

Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860 and died on May 21, 1935. Jane Addams would have been 74 years old at the time of death or 153 years old today. *For the actress, see Jane Adams.

Why was Jane Addams dead?

She died of natural causes in l934 or l935/ her funeral was held on the Hull House property, naturally. it is not known what her religious background was.

How many siblings did Jane Addams have?

Jane Addams was the eighth and last child. Jane's mother died when she was two years old during pregnancy because of a diease.

Was Jane Addams poor?

Quite the opposite! she grew up in a respectable, middle or upper middle class background but was haunted by concern for the poor- and indeed got involved in the slum clearance movement. She founded the Hull House in Chicago which ( although it has relocated) still functions as a settlement house a ( Full Answer )

Did Jane Addams where a hat?

Possibly, headgear for women was popular in her day. Actress Lillian Russell popularized the so called Lampshade hat in the l890's. As Miss Addams was a humanitarian- and social worker , maybe something so ostentatious would not fit the job role. The Hull House, as the name implies, was indoor- and ( Full Answer )

Why did Jane Addams start Hull House?

Laura Jane Addams built the Hull-House for the immigrants to getfood, water, a place to sleep and more. The Hull-House has awoman's club and a men's club.Ellen Starr also helped. To teach immigrant children.

What impact did Jane Addams have on Tennessee?

Jane Addams did NOT found a national society like the YMCA or Salvation Army. she did a multitude of work- but mainly in the Chicago area, latterly being involved in PEACE MISSIONS and opposed US involvement in World War I, known as the European War at the time. So her influence was most practical a ( Full Answer )

Did Jane Addams have a lover?

Mary Rozet Smith (possibly French origin) was the Lover"s name. ( sounds like a folk song) Jane Addams, rented out a cabin, Jane Adaams, for a lesbian at hand.. oh boy.

What did Jane Addams do?

Jane Addams founded the hull house settlement in 1889.She was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Price.

Why did Jane Addams make the Hull House?

She did not make or build the house. She did acquire it and have it adapted to settlement-house welfare needs. the House was up before she bought into it, so to speak. The settlement house, the Hull House, purpose was to combat the slums by helping immigrants integrate into American society. Through ( Full Answer )

Why was Jane Addams considered a leader of the settlement house movement?

Jane Addams was considered a leader of the settlement house movement because of the fact that she helped found the Hull House which opened its doors for immigrants that were in need of housing. With all of its programs for education and the arts, the Hull House had began the settlement house movemen ( Full Answer )

What is the ethnic history of the Jane Addams Hull House...the Hull House Neighborhood?

The most important criticism is the failure to reference the symbiotic relationship that existed between Hull House and the residents of "The Hull House Neighborhood." Quoting the Taylor Street Archives: UIC: Flawed Hustory, [1] Taylor Street's Little Italy was the laboratory upon which the Hull ( Full Answer )

In what year did Jane Adams found Hull House?

According to the Jane Addams Hull House Association Web site, Jane Addams founded Hull House in 1889. See http://www.hullhouse.org/aboutus/history.html

Was Jane Addams the youngest in her family?

Yes, until her father married Anna Haldeman in 1868. Then she got a brothe named George who was six monthes younger So Yes and then No in 1868

What did Jane Addams do in 1800?

Jane Addams funded her own settlement house called Hull House where she helped underdeveloped people in the area and also helped educate them.

Why did Jane Addams get surgery?

Obviously she had some sort of medical problem which needed attention. It has been argued that some sort of health problem or handicap- never directly stated may have indirectly propelled her into the social services arena which was to be her main line of work, to put it mildly. Exactly what this ha ( Full Answer )

What was Jane Addams early life?

(Laura) Jane Addams (September 6, 1860-May 21, 1935) won worldwide recognition in the first third of the twentieth century as a pioneer social worker in America, as a feminist, and as an internationalist. She was born in Cedarville, Illinois, the eighth of nine children. Her father was a prospe ( Full Answer )

Why did Jane Addams died?

It has been established she died of some form of cancer in l935, Her funeral and viewing were held at one of the parlors of the Hull House, which is certainly fitting.

How did jane Addams change america?

she was a founder of the hull house which provided medical care ,child care, legal aid, as well as classes for immigrants and settlement house movement she was the first woman to receive the noble peace prize and her actions effected woman's right movement

What is Jane Addams book twenty years at Hull House about?

Twenty Years at Hull House is an autobiographical account of poverty and abuses of the Industrial Revolution in Chicago where Jane Addams co-founded the famous settlement house, the Hull House. The book also suggests that the classes are dependent on each other, and, in the novel, Addams expresses h ( Full Answer )

What were Jane Addams hobbies?

well i know for sure Jane Addams said this... "it is good for social workers to be artists" .

Was Jane Addams a screen actress?

Heavens no! she was a social worker- par excellence! founder of the Hull House settlement house in Chicago, and Nobel Peace Laureate.

Was Jane Addams john Addams wife?

no, Jane Addams is not John Adams wife they are different cause John Adams last name has 1 d in it... Jane's last name has 2 d's in it Also, John Adams' wife was named Abigail. And Jane Addams was born 34 years after John Adams died.

What Jane Addams known for?

Jane Addams is known for the hull house she founded in Chicago. She was very significant in the progressive movement. The hull house taught the poor how to read and write. It also offered baby sitting for busy mothers.

What was one service offered at Jane Addams settlement house?

Sorry, I can't list just one: Classes in English, sewing, cooking, hygience; medical services; recreation and entertainment such as dances and playgrounds; kindergartens; classes in literature, history and art; free concerts; and free lectures on current issues. "settlement house" was the general n ( Full Answer )