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Q: What to California tree frogs eat?
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Related questions

Do tree frogs eat grass?

No they do not. Tree frogs eat insects.

Do tree frogs eat bark?

No. Tree frogs eat insects. All frogs are carnivorous.

Will tree frogs eat leaves?

No! Tree frogs are carnivorous and only eat live insects.

Do green tree frogs eat peas?

No, green tree frogs only eat insects.

What do gray tree frogs eat?

Gray Tree Frogs eat insects and occasionally it will eat small mammals.

Do tree snakes eat tree frogs?


Do green tree frogs eat baby frogs?

Green tree frogs are carnivorous, they eat crickets, spiders, lizards, cockroaches and other frogs.

Can anacondas eat red eyed tree frogs?

Anacondas can eat tree frogs. :) hope it helps!

Do tree frogs eat iguanas?

Absolutely not! Tree frogs eat strictly insects and even baby iguanas are so much larger than tree frogs!

Do Toads eat Tree Frogs?

no toads do not eat tree fogs

What do poison tree frogs eat?

Poison tree frogs eat insects that lurk in the understory of the rain forest.

What do blue tree frogs eat?

Blue Tree Frogs eat crickets or waxworms. Basically they eat "gut filled" insects.

Do spiders eat tree frogs?


What do African tree frogs eat?

They eat insects

Do squirrles eat tree frogs?

No they eat acorns.

Do tree frogs eat a baby mouse?

Yes! Some very large tree frogs (large adult Whites Tree Frogs) have been known to eat baby mice.

Do tree frogs eat ants?

I believe they do.

What do Cuban tree frogs eat?


What do spotted tree frogs eat?


What do tree frogs like to eat?


Can tree frogs eat worms?


Do humans eat tree frogs?

No they don't

Do iguanas eat tree frogs?

yes, yes they do but dont let them some tree frogs are poisonous

What do you feed tree frogs?

mostly green tree frogs eat live crickets and they sometimes eat some flys and they will also eat moths sometimes

What do Golden Tree frogs eat?

Golden tree frogs mainly eat crickets, but they can't be dead... they have to be live crickets, otherwise the frog wont eat them.