What to do if a friend is being rude?

For starters.....When one is being Rude, one cannot possibly be classified as a friend! one is more like an aquaintance, and possibly an unfortunate one at that. The Rude individual needs to be confronted for the errant behavior, be discouraged in persisting the same way , and if need be disposed off as a friend or aquaintance if the condition persists. as for the questioner? chose and learn to differenciate a friend from a mere aquaintance, and you will be better of for it. The person above is being rude. We can be rude. Even friends can be rude. If they are a true friend then they will understand and appreciate your help, because that is what it is, help. Please point out their rudeness away from other people as no one likes to be corrected in front of others. Never discard others as if they were trash and not worthy of your attention. We are all brothers and sisters according to God and should help our brothers out.
Not all friends are always perfect ones. If they, for instance, keep picking fights with you, maybe you should confront them and say "Please dont treat me like that" Good Luck to everyone with friend troubles.