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Q: What to do when so many girls request to love you?
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Why does many girls love Justin Bieber?

so many girls like Justin because they see him as a perfect boyfriend that most girls crave.x

What is a sentence for fathom?

I cannot fathom why so many girls are in love with the Jonas Brothers.

Will the powerpuff girls love rowdyruffboys?

Well, I heard rumors... But I always believe in love so, Yes the girls will love them!!

Who love Justin Bieber?

His parents. Certainly there are many very young girls who claim to do so.

How do you get noticed by a girl?

. girls love honesty so be your self . girls love to talk about their day, so be a good listener . girls don't think anything to do with farts is funny

Why do girls change their mind so fast?

Girls change there mind so easily cause they love you and dont know what to do about it! SO GO CHANGE A GIRLS MIND AND THEY'LL LOVE YOU ALOT :D

Do girls like Bakugan?

Well i am a girl and i like bakugan so i guess they do.... So,there are many kinds of girls.Some love bakugan,some don't.I'm girl and I love it.

What do guys love the most about girls?

guys love girls noses and fitness and hair, so if you have every thing so good youre lucky.

Sasuke love story?

Many girls loves him, he is so full of hate that he only cares about revenge.

Why do girls love saying no?

Because it is their right to do so; so live with it.

Does Justin Bieber love hispanic girls?

He likes all kinds of girls so the answer to your question is yes he likes hispanic girls. I love u Justin!!

What does JB love in girls?

JB likes cute girls that r so sweet

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