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What to do when so many girls request to love you?

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so many girls like Justin because they see him as a perfect boyfriend that most girls crave.x

I cannot fathom why so many girls are in love with the Jonas Brothers.

Well, I heard rumors... But I always believe in love so, Yes the girls will love them!!

. girls love honesty so be your self . girls love to talk about their day, so be a good listener . girls don't think anything to do with farts is funny

His parents. Certainly there are many very young girls who claim to do so.

Girls change there mind so easily cause they love you and dont know what to do about it! SO GO CHANGE A GIRLS MIND AND THEY'LL LOVE YOU ALOT :D

guys love girls noses and fitness and hair, so if you have every thing so good youre lucky.

Well i am a girl and i like bakugan so i guess they do.... So,there are many kinds of girls.Some love bakugan,some don't.I'm girl and I love it.

Many girls loves him, he is so full of hate that he only cares about revenge.

He likes all kinds of girls so the answer to your question is yes he likes hispanic girls. I love u Justin!!

Because it is their right to do so; so live with it.

girls go games. it so fun IF YOU LOVE DESIGHNING

He likes girls that are funny... i love him so much!

JB likes cute girls that r so sweet

I have been asked this question many many times by many people. And the answer is no. Some boys can be complete jerks and some girls can be complete sluts.. So its a matter of personality

girls love it when guys are taller than them, so they can put there arms around there necks when they hug.

- girls love charming guys, and stereotypically latin guys are charming. so it doesnt matter where your from, if your charming then girls will admire you.

his hair, the way he talks, the way he's musicly talented :)

They are obsessed with justin bieber because people think he is cute

Well, i don't think so, because girls just love themselves more than they love boys. I would never marry the boy that i'm in love with.

Shannon Hicks is in love with girls because she has tried to get a boyfriend for ages and they are all rejecting her so she thought she would move on to girls ..but the girls are starting to reject her to soo i think she is starting to sleep with animals.

I love hugs! I rather hug girls than shake their hand. So, it isn't wrong for you to love hugs but hate handshakes from girls if you are a guy.

It is no easier than for anyone else. Unfortunately many mistake an infatuation or crush with love. ^^^^, that's so TRUE.

its just basically all the girls that love Taylor lautner there named Taylor girls.

i love their pitos penis dick i love them crushing on girls i also love the way they hurt girls when they are crushing on them. lastly i love the way that when they pee, every boy in the room can see their dick, its so funny!!!!!!!! cause us girls never ever see eachothers vagina or boobs!!

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