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What to do when you like someone who doesn't date and you don't know how to approach him?


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August 04, 2011 7:45PM

It might be hard, but just go up to him and introduce yourself. Try and be his friend and be always there, but don't show the I-like-you-that's-why-i'm-being-friend-with-you. No, guys hate that, you should be his friend cause you care abotu him, you do care about him, right?..... Then try and introduce him to your friends and just keep on talking to him even if he finds it annoying, because sometimes, what you say to him, might touch him and lets you into his life. It might take a while, but always be there. Then give some signs that you like him bits-by-bits and don't make it obvious, like sending him secretly a love letter cause he might think it's another girl or anything like that. Wait patiently, and then if you think he's actions to you gets a little bit strange, like he's kind of avoiding you, or he couldn't find the right words to tell you, or if he keeps on fidgeting, that means, that he might like you. Remember, he doesn't date, so this might be his first time. Tell him how you feel when your positively sure that he likes you also. And if he's too shy to ask you out and if he, too likes you, ask him if he wants to watch a movie with you, but don't try to sound like this "Oh, um, hey, want to watch a movie, I mean with me, I mean if you don't mind, I mean you know, I mean.." Don't try to confuse him and just simply say. "Hey, wanna go watch a movie or something, I don't have nothing to do this weekend." I know it's not easy, but at least you gotta try, cause if you don' try, you'll never know.