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To get it back to normal put dry ice on it for ten minutes.

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Q: What to do with a swelling knee?
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What do do about knee swelling?

seek medical advice as there are a number of issue that occur to the knee which swelling indicates

What causes Knee pain with no swelling?

a cut

What is a bakers cyst on the knee?

A Baker's cyst is a swelling that can develop behind the knee filled with fluid from inside the knee joint.

Swelling above the knee?

ice and see a doctor

I had partial knee replacement about a year ago and have a big problem with swelling and stiffness?

Swelling after knee replacement surgery is common provided it is not abnormal and in excess. If it is too much then ankle pumping exercises and limb elevation might help. If swelling has condensed then it can create knee stiffness. Hope it helps.

Why is swelling from bursitis not apparent in the hip or knee?

The bursae around the hip joint are deeper, and swelling is not obvious.

Swelling two years after arthroscopy knee?

Have it checked for infection .

What is swelling and fluid in knee 3 weeks after knee replacement?

knee swelling and fluid 3 weeks after surgery is due to the healing of the tissues. this can take up to 6 weeks to 8 weeks to settle down. if this is persistent, then infection must be excluded.

Does hemophilia cause swelling?

That is frequent finding to see that patient with hemophilia gets the swelling, usually of one of the knee joint.

Does knee liposuction help in weight loss?

Knee liposuction is used in treatment for patients with excessive swelling or other ailments to the knee. Its not used to loose weight.

What are the symptoms of damaged meniscus?

Symptoms of a damaged/torn meniscus could be knee pain, swelling of the knee, tenderness when touching the meniscus, popping or clicking with the knee, and limited motion of the knee joint.

Did pull or tear something in your knee?

Speaking from experience, you will feel intense pain around your knee at the time of incident. This will be followed by swelling. If it feels like your knee is unstable after the swelling (the swelling was supporting the joint), then you probably have a complete or near complete tear of a ligament. The ligaments and cartilage of our body will NOT heal themselves as other injuries. Depending on severity, you will either need knee surgery or physical therapy to develop the muscles around the knee to make up for lack of support.