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if its just a small suction cup try some meths or kerosine and or dishwashing liquid or cooking oil!


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get a small pin and pit it right through the plunger. it will release the suction pressure =]

Proffesionals use a special type of suction cups, but a hammer works too.

I wouldn't want my last suction cup to slip, just as I reach the top of the window. The geckos have a very clever suction cup design of the soles of their feet.

The iPhone is not made to be opened, But if you know what your doing their are 2 small screws at the bottom by the charger, your remove them and use a suction cup on the screen to pull it up

It uses its suction-cup-like mouth to absorb food.

A paint pen. then remove with a razor blade.

Most GPSs that are designed for use in vehicles will come with a holder which attaches to your windshield. This is usually done through a small rubber suction cup. It is also possible to just place the GPS on the dash or on the seat besides you.

Nurses and doctors use a suction tube to remove saliva from a patient's mouth when the patient is unable to swallow. However it is not simply a tube, but a tube connected to a suction machine.

Support system....they have suction cup mouths & they use it to clean parasites from the shark.

the best way is to cut it out and use a new seal

Remove the mirror and use a heat gun to remove the button. Caution: There is always the possibility that the windshield will crack.

To remove? Try WD-40 or spray gasket remover

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't.... all particles have different densities. unless rubber isn't dense enough to block the impossible zero density of outer-space. 0 is abstract not concrete. I would probably just make my suction cup out of metal and use a dyson vacuum to power it. lol <><><><> NO! A suction cup is held in place by the air OUTSIDE the cup pushing it against the surface. No air in space. No air, no push, no workee.

Windshield repair and replacement can be very simple. If your windshield is cracked or chipped, the store will use a special kind of melted glass or resin to seal up the damage. If the windshield needs to be repaired, then they will use a process to remove it without damaging your car frame and simply switch it with a new one.

1. Remove the inside rear view mirror. 2. Remove the cowl top vent panel. 3. Remove the necessary interior trim to access the inside toop and side edges of the windshield glass. 4. Pry up the end of the windshield outside moulding. Twist and pull to remove. 5. Cut the urethane sealant. 6. Insert an inflatable pump bag at the top of the windshield glass. Gently push the windshield glass outward from the inside of the vehicle to insure the urethane sealant has been broken. 7. Use a razor blade knife to cut any remaining urethane that is holding the windshield glass and remove the glass. 8. Clean off any sealant with alcohol free solvent if the windshield is to be resused.

The windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson in 1903. Clever and efficient. The windshield wiper is use to remove any thing in the drivers line of sight. You can find more information on windshield whimpers on the website, Thank you for your time and be thankful for the windshield wipers that work for us, rain or shine!

When you get the windshield cleaner from the store, you give it to the truck driver by the school. You have to measure it so you use the dog bowl and a cup.

All the surgical methods use suction and you can read about them in the link below.

The use of suction greatly increases the speed of the filtration.

if it's the front one you must remove the center dash compartment (the one closest to your windshield) there are two screws that are covered. Once that is removed you'll be able to see how. If it's the rear cup holders just fold down the door to get the cup holders to come out. Then pull the door straight out from your center armrest. Just use light pressure to break your rear cup holders.

They use their suction cup like toe pads to climb up steep surfaces and leap from plant to plant as well as crawl.

Giraffes use their lips to drink water. Their lips act as a suction cup to suck all the water into their mouths.

Example sentence - The vacuum cleaner no longer had adequate suction to clean the rugs.

you first add some in the dog bowl and then pour that in the cup and pour some more in the dog bowl.

Two screws on either side of the windshield, ( the lower ones on the bracket ) and two more on each roll bar extension where it connects to the windshield, but you will also need to remove the back screws as well to completely remove the roll bar extension. It's just a way to eat bugs if you ask me, but suit yourself, be sure to use the tie downs ( if you still have them ) to keep the windshield from bouncing on the hood.

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