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What tools did the Huang Valley use?

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They used Bronze Copper Jade and Ivory tools.

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In the Huang he valley what did they use iron for?

to make tools, furnaces, and weapons

Where is the Huang river valley located?

Along the banks of the Huang he river

Is the Huang he valley or the plateau of Tibet densely populated?

The Plateau of Tibet has a higher population. The Huang He Valley is very small.

What are the landforms in Huang Ho Valley?

The Gobi Desert and the Huang Ho River

Where is the Huang He Valley?

it is located in China

What is Huang he valley climate?


In which River valley did Chinas civilization begin?

The huang he river valley.

What river flows through the Huang He Valley?

Huang he is the river that flows through china.

Why did China's earliest farmers live in the Huang He valley?

Because the Huang He flow through the North China Plain, where China's first farmers lived in the Huang He Valley near the Yellow Sea. The soil there is fertile from the loess deposited by the Huang He.

Where is the Huang-he valley?

It is located in China

Who was the ruler of the Huang he river valley?


What human interactions were along the china Huang river valley?

The Huang River Valley is also known as the Yellow River Valley. The first people who settled there were the Sumerians because the valley had very fertile and rich soil.

When did the Huang he river valley civilization end?

Godzila came to Huang He and destroyed the whole civilization!

What is Huang he valley?

The Huang He valley was a small village along the Yellow River. It was around the invention of Hidiuism and lasted for several hundred years. It had an ruler and had many poorly made shacks and most people were artisans, and laborers. I belive he means Huang Ho Valley

How did life in the Chang Jiang Valley differ from life in the Huang He Valley?

Huang He's floods were much more worse than Chang Jiang's floods

Who are the Huang Ho Valley people?

The shang people

Below which latitude is the Huang He valley Located?


What is another name for the Huang River?

river valley

How does Greece geography from that of the Nile or Huang river valley?


What crops did the Huang valley produce?

There were many types of crops that the Huang Valley produced. These crops included grapes, green onions, rice, wheat, and peaches.

When was Lee Valley Tools created?

Lee Valley Tools was created in 1978.

When was Anthony Huang born?

Anthony Huang was born on June 23, 1987, in Fountain Valley, California, USA.

What weapons did the Huang He Valley make?

stone shaped spears

What is the climate for the Huang Ho River Valley?

I'm not sure.

What was not a site of the earliest river valley civilizations Huang he river valley nile river valley Danube river valley Tigris and Euphrates river valley?

Danube River Valley