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Changing the Drive BeltIf I can do it you can do it! just get a 15mm socket and use it to turn loose the small pulley of the tensor it will remain tight but will rotate upward loosing tension on the drive belt you can also use a piece of 1 inch by 2 feet long E.M.T.pipe to assist you pull the ratchet wrench counterclockwise. , oh I almost forget my truck is a 1998 f-150 4.2L six cylinder.


Serpentine Belt

Under the hood should be a diagram of the belt, this is your best reference without the service manual. All you have to determine is which direction to rotate the belt tensioner, and then put the belt back on as shown in the diagram.

If it is not you can run down to your nearest auto parts store and they can print it out for you or just buy the Hayes or chilton manual on your car. It only cost a few bucks and it well helps you out later down the line if something else brakes.

Relieve Serpentine Belt Tension.

Before removing the belt, note its routing around all applicable pulleys for ease of installation.

1. Using a box end wrench on the tensioner pulley center bolt, rotate the tensioner assembly clockwise.

2. While holding the tensioner in this position, remove the alternator drive belt from one or two of the applicable pulleys.

Use a box end wrench to rotate the tensioner pulley assembly clockwise to relieve serpentine belt tension

1. Slowly release the tensioner, and remove the box end wrench from the center bolt.

2. Remove the alternator drive belt from the remaining applicable pulleys.

To install:

When installing the drive belt on the pulleys, ensure that it is properly seated in all of the pulley grooves.

1. Using the box end wrench, rotate the tensioner clockwise again, then position the drive belt on all of the pulleys.

2. Slowly release the tensioner until it eliminates all drive belt slack.

3. Inspect the tensioner indicator to be sure that the belt is properly tensioned. If the belt tension is incorrect, the belt should be replaced with a new one, or, if installing a new belt, the belt may not be the correct belt for your vehicle.

4. Then start the engine. Ensure that the drive belt works properly.

5. Stop the engine, then double-check to ensure that the belt is properly seated on all applicable pulleys.

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Q: What tools do you need to change the drive belt on a 1999 Ford F150 truck and how do you do it?
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