What topic did Abigail Adams write about to her husband John Adams?

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romance letters and how women's rights in the country were just as important as men's and the benefits they would get from a proper education
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Who was Abigail Adams?

Abigail Adams First Lady: 1797 to 1801 Wife of John Adams, 2 nd President of the United States Mother of John Quincy Adams, 6 th President of the United States Born: November 11, 1744 Died: October 28, 1818

What did Abigail Adams do?

Abigail Adams was an important part of America because she wanted women to have rights. She never got to see the day but she wanted it.

Who Is Abigail Adams?

Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams. And the second Presidentof the United States. And the mother of John Quincy Adams. And thesixth President of the United States. That's a lot of stuff if youask me. And you know what i think...i think you all are thegreatest answers.com volunteer who asks que ( Full Answer )

What books did John Adams write?

The Portable John Adams, the Revolutionary writings of John Adamsand the Political Writings of John Adams are some of the bookswritten and published by John Adams. He was known more as apolitical philosopher than a politician.

Did John Adams and Abigail Adams have any children?

In ten years she gave birth to 6 children. Names: Abigail ("Nabby"), John Ouincy, Susanna Boylston (died 1 yr. later), Charles, Thomas Boylston, and Elizabeth. YES!!@!!!!! they had five children, Abigail,John Quincy,Charles,and Thomas. (oh and Susanna but she died at 13 months) . Everybody knows ( Full Answer )

What was Abigail Adams job after she married John Adams?

She was devoted to raising her children teaching them Latin along with other subjects that were not taught to children of that day. She tended to the house and was said to be John's most influential adviser. She tended to their farm and sold the crops from it to make more money. She even built an ad ( Full Answer )

Where did abigail Adams and John Adams meet?

While they had known each other as small children, the courtship ofAbigail Smith and John Adams began in her home in 1762. John'sfriend, Richard Cranch, was courting Abigail's sister at the time.The two visited the home together, and John Adams fell in love withthen 17-year-old Abigail.

How many children did Abigail Adams have while married to John Adams?

They had six children. One girl was stillborn, another girl died atthe age of two. She only had one living girl, Abigail "Nabby"Adams. She did consider her daughter-in-law, widowed by her middleson Charles, to be her own daughter, she even lived with her untilshe died. They had three sons, the young ( Full Answer )

What did John Adams write?

If you think that john Adams wrot the Monroe Doctrine your wrong and stupid James monroe did.Now why you would you think john Adams did when his last name is Adams so now how u feelin. let me guess pretty stupid (Edit: Actually, it was John Quincy Adams who wrote the Monroe Doctrine. Adams was Secr ( Full Answer )

Where did John Adams and Abigail Adams live?

They lived in Weymouth Massachusetts. This is where they lived when they first got married. Over the years when John was away Abigail stayed home and cared for the farm. They later moved to many places after that.

Where did John Adams meet Abigail Adams?

There are several different theories: 1. When William Smith (Abigail's father) went to see John he took his daughters, Abigail and Mary, but they did not see each other again for 2 years. 2. They were third cousins so they had know each other since childhood. 3. They met at Abigail's sister, Mary ( Full Answer )

How did Abigail Adams view John Adams political goals and ideas?

Between ourselves, she hated the entire affair of being a president's wife. She wept when nobody was around and had histerical screaming rages as if she was a madwoman. She had a very dim view of John and his work, thinking he was a "scum covered conniving kiss-up to a wicked nation". Indeed, when J ( Full Answer )

Who did Abigail Adams write letters to?

Some people Abigail Adams wrote letters to were: . her friends in Boston (which is where she moved when she became older) . her cousin, Isaac . her husband, John Adams (the 2nd president of the United States), when he was away from home . her sister, Mary, who she often came to for advice

How did John Adams meet Abigail Adams?

There are two theories. The two theories are the following: 1.John Adams met Abigail when William Smith (Abigail's father), presented both Mary Smith (sister) and Abigail Smith to John Adams in a meeting. 2.Abigail Smith met John Adams in Mary's wedding.

How did Abigail Adams meet John Adams?

Abigail and John were third cousins, so they knew each other growing up. When Abigail was 17, John started visiting her home with his friend Richard Cranch who was engaged to Abigail's older sister Mary.

Why did Abigail Adams write her letters?

all the time she wrote them in all different times to express her feeling and her needs. she wrote them to her whole family most of the time to her husband.

Why did Abigail Adams sign her letters to her husband as Portia?

It was a custom of the time to adopt a pen name. (As was the custom of the time, they adopted pen names: Abigail was Diana, after the Roman goddess of the moon and later she adopted the pen name, Portia, wife of the great Roman politician Brutus. John adopted the name, Lysander, after the Sparta ( Full Answer )

How did John Adams and Abigail Adams meet?

Abigail and John, were third cousins and they had known each other since their childhood. John went with his friend Richard Cranch to the smith residence. Richard's fiance was Abigail's older sister Mary.

With what did Abigail Adams help John Adams?

Abigail Adams told John how to be a good president and how to be a good dad with Abigail's daughter Sussan. Abigail helped herself by folding clothes and doing what everyone's mom does to be the world's best mom!

How did Abigail Adams help John Adams?

If you read her letters to John she shows that she gives him a different side to many political questions and she was an early women's rights backer. She influenced his thinking as well as took care of her family. In one letter at the start of the war she questions him about what to do if the Britis ( Full Answer )

What topic did Abigail Adams write about to her husband, John Adams?

John and Abigail wrote about a huge number of topics, John would ask Abigail's opinion on affairs of government and law and she gave thoughtful answers and sometimes volunteered her opinions. Of course they also wrote about family and home life. Most if not all of her letters have been transcribed a ( Full Answer )

What did Abigail Adams urge John Adams to do?

On March 31st, 1776, Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her husband, John Adams, urging him and the other members of the continental congress to remember the interests of the nation's women while fighting for independence from the British. An excerpt from the letter reads, "...I desire you would rememb ( Full Answer )

When where Abigail and John Adams' children born?

In 10 years John and Abigail had six children: . Abigail ("Nabby") (1765-1813) . John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) who became a U.S. President himself . Susanna Boylston (1768-1770) . Charles (1770-1800) . Thomas Boylston Adams (1772-1832) . A sixth child, Elizabeth, was stillborn in 1777

Were Abigail and John Adams related?

Yes, they were husband and wife. John and Abigail Adams were married on October 25th, 1764; they had a son John Quincy Adams. John Adams became the second US president, and John Quincy Adams became the sixth president. By all accounts, John and Abigail had a very close and loving relationship, in wh ( Full Answer )

Why did Abigail Adams write Shiver shiver in a letter to her daughter?

Actually, she was writing to her son John Quincy Adams (not to a daughter); it was 1800, and she explained to him how cold and uncomfortable she was in her new surroundings-- she had just moved to the White House, but there was not enough wood for all the fireplaces yet. In fact, the White House was ( Full Answer )

Did Abigail Adams fight among his husband?

Abigail Adams was a woman. She did not fight alongside her husband. In fact her husband was not involved in the actual fighting. He was an important politician and diplomat. She was an important writer who left us with important information about conditions during that era.

Did john Hancock have kids with Abigail Adams?

No. John Hancock was married to Abigail Adams' cousin, Dorothy Quincy. John Hancock and his wife Dorothy had two children. Abigail Adams had six children with her husband John Quincy Adams.

Why does Abigail Adams think that John should Remember the Ladies?

She wanted her husband John Adams, one of the framers of theConstitution, to have it recognize women as legally equal to men.Abigail Adams was more politically knowledgeable, capable andwell-read than the majority of men at the time; she competentlymanaged the Adams' property alone for long periods ( Full Answer )