What topics does the Bible talk about?

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In general the thing it talks about every verse is Jesus Christ. It also talks about how we should live and what we should to do if we want to have peace in our lives and in the next life.
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Topics to talk to a guy about?

It depends on what he likes. For example... if he has an ambition for basketball ( like my boyfriend) then ask him who his favorite player is. It all depends on the kind of guy he is.

Topics to talk about with your boyfriend?

Ideally, you should discover some topic which interests both of you. Exactly what that topic might be, you would have to discover through conversation. Try something that interests you, and see if it also interests him. If not, try something else.

Topics to talk about when you on the phone with your boyfriend?

Talk about your day, joke around, talk about stuff you'd want to do together over the weekened or break. Talk about things your both interested in. You could even ask questions to get to know them better. Don't think too hard about it ! Going out with someone should emply that their easy to talk to ( Full Answer )

Topics to talk about?

Well you should just be yourself and talk about what you feel.. If he/she calls YOU then talk about what game u want to play outside at school or where u see him in a free time. Get active don't be shy because you like him, be the real deal, be loud and be you like you do in frount of your friends. ( Full Answer )

Topics to talk about on the phone?

if you dont know what to talk about after asking the usual u ok? what you doing? what you up to this weekend? and got any gossip and stuff, u can always talk about gossip, boys homework. or also just simply type into google; questions to ask [a girl, a boy, your boyfriend] etc/ect

Where in the Bible are the same topics discussed?

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These are the four gospels and they are all about Jesus' life before death and ressurection.. ---- . Topic; Salvation is by Faith alone . Mark 16 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. John 3 18 ( Full Answer )

What are good topics to talk about?

A good talk is to talk about food, movies, sport, games, what you do in your spare time, and all your intrests and what you like to do

What is the most quoted topic in the Bible?

The most quoted topic in the bible is God revealing himself to his people. Right from Genesis, God revealed himselft to Adam, to Noah, to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph, to Moses, to Joshua, to the Judges, to Ruth, to Samuel, to Saul, to David, to Solomon, to many Judean Kings including fore ( Full Answer )

Good topics to talk about with a girl?

What they like doing.. How their siblings/pets are.. Say they have nice clothes (if you think so). Discuss what YOU feel comftarbul with!

Topics to talk about with your crush?

There a million of things one can talk about with their crush. Youcan ask him or her what their interests are or what kind of personthey look for when dating. You can tell them what you like to do,talk about interesting things you may have heard or read. You canbasically use this time to find out mo ( Full Answer )

Topics when talking to a boy?

Cars like BMW's Jaguar's Bentlys astin martin ...(look online). How he used to like another girl(pick an ugly one). Dont talk about your self alot or other couples we feel like you are hitting on us in a way,

Topics to talk about with boyfriend?

As a guy myself, we may not like to just "talk", but if you talk about something we can connect with, you will have a conversation. Look on ESPN at the top Ten plays then ask your boyfriend for his opinion on one of them... He will be shocked... Men sometimes need to be led in conversation sometimes ( Full Answer )

Which topics to talk with fiancee?

You could of course talk about your wedding. And if you are really in love, you wouldn't ask that sort of question.

What are some topics to talk about with boys?

What's their favorite sport? Talk about their favorite sport or if they're gonna win or lose in the upcoming game. Talk about music, songs, video games, game systems, jokes, etc.

Topics for a solo talk?

Well i have been looking for some topics on google because i too am doing a solo talk soon... I found some that i am interested in but that doesn't mean you will be interested in them too. A good thing to do is to look at the newspaper or watch the tv - it really helps me!. Here are some topics i w ( Full Answer )

What are interesting topics to talk about?

Anything that won't qualify as smalltalk (weather, allergen counts, etc.). If it's someone of the opposite gender, a good topic might be how that person feels or life in general. If it's someone of the corresponding gender, a great topic could be anything that you're thinking of; because, the odds a ( Full Answer )

What are some good topics to talk about?

Good topics to talk about are usually interests you both have in common. You can also talk about your favorite places to go or favorite movies/ tv shows.

What are good topics to talk about on the phone?

What you plan to do for the weekend. ask him and if he says hes gonna like hang out with friends then make something up and say you are to but if he says hes not doin anything than say yea neither am i and that a great opening for him to ask you or something

What are good topics to talk about on your blog?

i have a blog with my friends. That's a big advantage because I have more than one mind coming up with ideas. I'm a deep person so I post about things I learn during the day. I turn my every-day problems into advice for the blog. If you're poetic you can post poems. You can write short stories. You ( Full Answer )

What interesting topic to talk to a girl?

If shes preppy, talk about her. any other girls, you talk random. not random random but be funny (unless shes goth) if shes got, your screwed!

How can you talk to your mom about a compicated topic?

Go up to her and explain to her that you would like to talk to her about (insert topic here.) If she won't listen or claims shes to busy don't get angry, instead be mature and say ok mum maybe later. If she continues to put it off everytime explain to her that its important and that you really want ( Full Answer )

What topic to talk to a hot guy about?

any topic would work but you should talk about . some thing that you guys might have in comman . if not just talk about music it always works.

What are some fun topics to talk about?

when i need to change the subject i usually choose from: new video games music school youtube videos school assignments due soon sports family exciting things that you want to share with someone

What is the most-popular topic in the Bible?

Probably in our situation today, I think it's the Revelation. Many people believe that the book of Revelation describes what will happen in the future and is now slowly taking place in our time. There are so many interpretations and views about this book, but it is incorrect to use this to predict t ( Full Answer )

What is the most talked-about topic in the Bible?

Love is the most talked about topic followed by money. Answer: The core topic of the Tanakh (Jewish Bible) is the history of the Israelite people and their central figures such as Forefathers, Prophets, Judges and Kings, and the people in general; and the consequences of individuals or the nati ( Full Answer )

What are the best topics to talk about with a girl?

Talk to her about her. Find out what she is into, likes, interested in, nothing too indept just simply about her. Maybe shes a sports fan, artist, reader, religious, bicycle rider, coaster rider, gamer...ect? Be observant pick up some small thing or situation like seeing her at a sporting event or m ( Full Answer )

Topics to talk about on first date?

Keep it light! Do simple table talk, you know, things that you and him won't be able to remember when you get home. Talk to him about his family and yours, get to know him, ask him about his work or school. You should avoid topics that are to personal. Like, past relationships, past date ( Full Answer )

Topics to talk about to girls?

Anything that is some kind of question. Colors, classes, teachers, food, homework, gossip, pets, subjects, computer games, songs, famous people, etc.

Topics to talk about your boyfriend?

it really depends on how far in the relationship it is. If its a new relationship then it can be a little difficult to find things to talk about, but sports and movies are good topics. If it is a closer relationship then future goals are a good conversation starter.

Topics for talking with a girl?

To start a conversation, it's easier the more questions you ask her. But there is a difference between seeming interested and bombarding her with questions. Also, personal questions probably aren't the best; she doesn't want to be asked how many guys she has been with or what she's "done".

Is there any topics in the Bible on homosexuality?

In the Old Testament: Leviticus 20:13 (NIV): If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. In the Old Testament: Romans 1:26-27 (NIV): God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the s ( Full Answer )

What is a good topic to talk about on stardoll?

A good topic to talk about would probably be celebrity gossip. That's practically what the site is about! Like Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, and Selena Gomez. Hope I helped ;) ------------------------ I think you could do any kind of topic about a celeb, or fashion brand or one time there was this top ( Full Answer )

Topics you can talk to a boy on the phone?

well u can tell them how there day was? anything special tell them how pretty they are tell them what they wanna do ask em out, what they were wearing general things...

Topics about what can 2 people talk?

Topics for two people to talk about are practically endless! However what you talk about depends on what these two people like or have in common. Here are some examples to get you started (feel free to add more if there aren't enough): Music Games Television/Movies Culture Art Histo ( Full Answer )

What topic to talk with a girl you love?

talk about what went on that day, but most of the time we'll tell stories and i mean most people haven't known their love since they were young so you can have a lot of things to tell. usually laughing is good and fun so we try to keep things funny. Even though we do tell our sad stories but let eac ( Full Answer )

What topics can you talk about with your boyfriend?

your future. what you both plain on doing in your lives. talk about if yall are on the same page in the relationship. crack jokes. talk about stuff that interest you & him. what you both want out of the relationship & anything that u feel you need yo tell him. or just talk about how you feel. your t ( Full Answer )

What topics to talk about with your girlfriend?

Try to let her steer the conversation. Eventually you will discover mutual interests & can dwell on those. Girls like a man that is interested in all of them, not just their bodies.

What is a good topic for a bible study?

Well, right now, the Bible study I'm co-leading is going through Romans. I would recommend just going through a book of the Bible. I'm also doing James which is a great one. I would recommend getting a commentary on the book you want to do (look up like 'commentary on Romans by John MacArthur' on Am ( Full Answer )

Does The Bible talk about inter-racial topics?

One of the most memorable quotes of Paul regarding race comes from his letter to the Galatians Galatians 3:28 - "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Here Paul makes it clear that if we are to be truly Christian we must regard ( Full Answer )

Which is the central topic of the bible?

The vindication of Jehovah God's sovereignty and the ultimate fulfillment of his purpose for the earth, by means of his kingdom under Christ, the promised "Seed"

What topics can i talk about to boys?

This depends on the boy. Your stereotypical boy will enjoy sports, or bashing on whatever teachers he may have if he doesn't like him/her. Books/movies is another safe topic. Or you could simply ask him want he wants to talk about.

What are topics a guy can talk to his girlfriend about?

Pretty much anything as long as she shows interest in it - don't go on and on about footbal if she's obvious not a sporty type. She'll appreciate talking to you about shared interests or experiences you;ve had with your family etc.