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What training can you get at the University of Phoenix?


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"For the most part, the University of Phoenix offers many of the same majors and programs as ordinary universities. It has a school of Business, a College of Criminal Justice, a College of Education, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Social Sciences, and Information Systems and Technology."

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"According to my extensive research and studies, I have discovered that the University of Phoenix offers a great deal of Certificates. But to answer your question, yes indeed, the University of Phoenix offers a course for PMP Certification Training."

University of Phoenix does offer a very good phleboloty training program. will help you request more information on their program.

Andyb1-Some schools that offer excellent IT training online are Devry University, University of Phoenix, Kaiser University, Walden University and Colorado Techinical University.

The University of Phoenix offers many classes, including marketing training. If you visit the UoP website, you will be directed to the steps you need in order to achieve this degree.

HR training course can be obtained at several different universities by taking online courses. Some of those universities are: The University of Phoenix, DeVry University and Ashford University.

There are quite a few places in Michigan that offer Leadership Training Programs. The top three voted online are the University of Phoenix, Ashford University and Kaplan University.

You can find Economics training on line at many sites. I recommend University of Phoenix. I had a great experience.

University of Phoenix offers IT courses online you can visit them at

My first choice for business administration training is the University of Phoenix. They have a very good reputation. The Davenport university seems to be very good also and has good reviews.

University of Phoenix offers administrative assistant training programs. They are a great onlie college.

University of Phoenix offers a great online IT program. There are places to get online IT training. New Horizons is a company that specializes in online as well as classroom training.

There are many options you can chose from to take your training from. Currently these three are recognized as the best choices: 1)University of Phoenix 2)Kaplan University 3)Ashford University

Online CNA Training classes are offered at many learning centers-University of Phoenix; Indiana State University; Kaplan University; A search into the following link can help you get to the training near your location-

ITT Technical Institute, DeVry University, and University of Phoenix all offer IT training. New Horizons, Infosys, IBM, Global Knowledge, and Fast Lane are companies that offer this training to their employees.

Forklift University is located in Phoenix. They will teach you to drive and get your OSHA certification. For more informations see

University of Phoenix is a private college.

University of Phoenix was created in 1976.

No they are not. As indicated by name the University of Phoenix is a university. Phoenix College is a community college (two year institution).

There is no 'Phoenix State University' in Arizona. There are the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, University of Phoenix, and Northern Arizona University, among a few others.

"Online, you can get training for a Project Management Professional (or PMP) certification at the University of Phoenix. Otherwise, you can apply to the Project Management Institute."

"You can get graphic design training at small community colleges like Upper Iowa University. There are also a number of online universities like the University of Phoenix, which offer careers in graphic design."

The motto of University of Phoenix is 'Thinking Ahead'.

The school colors for the University of Phoenix are maroon and gold.

I have never heard of South University of Phoenix, and it appears that the College Board hasn't either.

There are dozens of different online LPN training courses. The most prominent course though is offered by the university of Phoenix Online.

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