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MERCON . Simply stated, There is no substitute. 80W-90 Gear oil because mecron is to thin

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Q: What transmission fluid should you use in a 1994 Ford Ranger manual 4-cylinder?
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Ford Ranger manual transmission fluid?

The manual transmission on a Ford Ranger should be changed on a regular basis. Fill the transmission with any good quality regular or synthetic transmission fluid.

How do you check how much fluid is in a manual transmission of a 1992 Ford Ranger?

Should be a plug at the side of transmission - fill to this level

Will a 2003 3.0 Ford Ranger transmission fit in a 1999 Ford Ranger?

it should fit as they both have the same engine but is it manual or automatic

How do you check trans fluid on an 86 ranger with manual transmission?

Should be a plug on the side of the transmission about 1/2 up- fill to this point

How do you check the manual transmission fluid in a 2000 Ford Ranger?

On a 2000 Ford Ranger : On a manual transmission , underneath the vehicle , on the transmission will be a fill plug . With the vehicle level the fill plug is cleaned and removed to check the fluid level ( the fluid level should be at the bottom of the fill plug hole )

Where is the ecu on a 1994 ford ranger splash 4.ol v6 manual transmission?

Should be on firewall, should have a couple harnesses plugged into it

What transmission fluid should you use in a 1985 Ford Ranger manual 4-cylinder?

I believe its Dexron ATF fluid. Check the owners manual if you have one.

What power steering fluid should be used for a 2002 v6 3.0 Ford Ranger Edge?

Motorcraft MERCON ATF ( automatic transmission fluid ) according to the 2002 Ford Ranger owners manual

What weight gear oil should you use in your 1998 ranger 4-cylinder auto?

Ford specifies Mercon Automatic Transmission fluid in the manual trans.

What should the mpg be on a 1993 ford ranger with a 2.3 engine?

Around 19 City and 24-25 Highway with manual transmission. Automatic may differ.

Should both rear wheels spin when in gear on a manual transmission when it on jack stands on a 1996 ford ranger?

Only if it has a posi traction or limited slip differential.

What transmission is in a ford ranger 3.0l 5 speed?

It should be a mazda transmission most likely

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