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See your MD Most abdominal hernias can be surgically repaired, and recovery rarely requires long-term changes in lifestyle. Uncomplicated hernias are principally repaired by pushing back, or "reducing", the herniated tissue, and then mending the weakness in muscle tissue (an operation called herniorraphy). See

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Q: What treatments are available for a hernia?
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What treatments are there for a Hiatal hernia?

There are a few treatments available for a Hiatal hernia. For a minor case you can do bed rest while taking painkillers and using heat and cold packs on the area. For a severe case surgery might be needed.

Where could one learn about an incisional hernia?

There are various places where you can learn about an incisional hernia including: learning from WebMD, this website also shows the causes and treatments of hernias.

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What is another term meaning diaphragmatic hernia?

"hiatal hernia" and "hiatus hernia"