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The Simpsons, Star Trek, Star Trek: Next Generation, Batman, and Sex In The City have gone from the TV screen to the movie screen.

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How may movies has madeline Stowe been in?

She has been in 22 feature movies, 8 TV movies, and 9 TV series.

How many world war 1 movies have been made?

176 Films and TV Series were made about WW1

How many movies are in the Bleach series?

First there was the TV series of the animated adventure, with over 300 episodes, shown on the Cartoon Network. There have since been four movies made related to the series.

What is the duration of At the Movies Australian TV series?

The duration of At the Movies - Australian TV series - is 1560.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Home Movies TV series?

The duration of Home Movies - TV series - is 1320.0 seconds.

How many movies has Diane Keaton been in?

Not including made-for-TV movies, 42.

When was Home Movies - TV series - created?

Home Movies - TV series - was created in 2001.

How many made for tv movies has Tori Spelling made?

She has been in 15 made for TV movies. If you go to imdb.com and type in Tori Spelling, it will list them all.

Is Kevin Tighe in Salem's witches movie?

Kevin Tighe is in the 2014 TV series called Salem. The series is new, and no movie has been made from it. He has not been in any other shows or movies with Salem in the title.

What is the duration of Great Movies CBC TV series?

The duration of Great Movies - CBC TV series - is -7200.0 seconds.

What series of movies is One Against the Wind part of?

This is part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame series of films. It is the longest-running anthology series on television and has been making movies since 1951.

When was At the Movies - Australian TV series - created?

At the Movies - Australian TV series - was created on 2004-07-01.

When did Home Movies - TV series - end?

Home Movies - TV series - ended on 2004-04-04.

Can movies win Emmys?

Yes, made-for-television movies and limited series have several of their own Emmy categories, meaning some movies can win Emmys.

How many SpongeBob movies have they made?

there's been one feature film and two television movies

Does the planet of the apes TV series DVD contain the TV-Movies?

The Planet of the Apes TV series DVD contains the television show's only season, released in 1974.

How many series of hornblower are there?

The ITV show Hornblower starring Ioan Gruffudd had 3 series (a total of 8 made-for-television movies).

When was Great Movies - CBC TV series - created?

Great Movies - CBC TV series - was created on 1957-04-20.

When did Great Movies - CBC TV series - end?

Great Movies - CBC TV series - ended on 1970-10-03.

Has the HBO series deadwood been canceled?

Yes, it was. They are planning a number of TV movies, though no air date has been announced.

In what movies has Kevin Levrone been?

Kevin Levrone has only been in two movies, according to IMDB. Those movies are Backlash and Redline. He also starred in one TV series by the name of Burning Hollywood.

Will there be a Beverly Hills Cop 4?

One had been planned- but Eddie Murphy did not like the script. So now it will be a TV series instead of a sequel to the movies already made.

How many Star Trek movies were made for T V?

No Star Trek movies were made for TV. All eleven (to date) have been made made for theatrical release.

How many movies has Steve Carell been in?

Well over 50 feature films and 3 TV series.

How can i purchase a copy of anne mccaffrey's tv series dragon riders of pern?

You can not, it's a book series only, there has never been a movie or tv series made of it.

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