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What tv series was first Star Trek or Battle Star Galactica?

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Star Trek came first, debuting in 1966. Battlestar Galactica debuted in 1978.

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Is battlestar galactica free?

most of battle star galactica is free

Did George Lucas make battle star galactic?

If you mean Battlestar Galactica, then no

Why do people like Megaman Battle Network series?

Well I for one liked the series since the first megaman battle network but i stopped playing after i played the new one star force because its just ruined the series.

What was the first star date from the original series first episode?

The star date given in the first regular series episode of Star Trek is 1312.4

Battle of Cheron was a fictional conflict in what series?

Let that be your last Battlefield, Star Trek, Original Series.

What year was the first series of Star Trek made?

The first series of Star Trek was the Original series often shortned to TOS airing back in September 1966.

In what film series are Star Destroyer ships featured?

The Star Destroyer ships are featured in the Star Wars franchise of film. They first appear in the first film of the series titled 'Star Wars' but are referred to as Imperial Star Destroyers.

Who started Star Trek?

Star Trek was first made by Gene Roodenbery who made the first series

What was the song played at the end of battle star galactica season 3?

the song played at the end of bsg ssn 3 was a song called All Along The Watchtower by Bear McCreary

What platforms will Star Wars battle front 3 come out on?

the battlefront series has been rebooted by EA and the first game will be released on xbone ps4 and PC

Is there a Megaman battle network 7?

No! A2: no, the next series is Star Force but it takes place about 200 years after Battle Network

What was the first TV series that had an Afro American as the star?

It was called Beulah and Ethel Waters was the star. The series started in 1950 on ABC.

When did Star Trek come out?

Star trek the original series first aired on TV in 1966.

Which Star Trek is first series or movie what is the order?

Series was first (in the late 60's), followed by the first movie (Star Trek: The Motion Picture in the late 70's/early 80's).

When was Star Trek founded?

"Star Trek: The Original Series" first aired September 8, 1966 .

Who will star in the warriors series when firestar dies?

well actually after the first series firestar is not talked about for it is not about him anymore

What film was first Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star trek was originally a Television series, then a movie. Star Trek: The Original Series- First Aired September 8th, 1966 Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Star Trek's First Movie)- Dec. 7th, 1979 Star Wars: A New Hope- May 25th 1977 You Asked what film was first, and that was Star Wars: A New Hope. But, Star Trek existed over a decade before star wars. Hope that Helps.

Which one was the first one to be released Star Wars or Star Trek?

The original Star Trek series was released in 1966. Star Wars was 1976.

What is the first book of peter and the star chatchers?

The first in Dave Barry's series actually has the same name as the series itself: Peter and the Starcatchers.

What is the best battlefront game?

I would say either the rogue squadron series or star wars battle front.

When did Star Trek first appear on television?

it first appeared in the 1960's for 3 series

What is the function of a clone trooper in the Star Wars series?

In the Star Wars series clone troopers commanded groups of 4 squads of storm troopers. They were in charge of leading groups into battle as well as planning attack strategies.

When was Star Wars first on tv?

If you mean when the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars first aired, it was on October 3, 2008 (The pilot film for the series premiered in theaters on August 15, 2008)

What was the first Star Fox game?

The first video game in the Star Fox series was 'Star Fox' for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1993. However, 'Star Fox 64' released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 console is established as the first actual canon game in the Star Fox series since it expands the story, plot, characters, etc.

What battle was the star spangled banner first written?

The Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812, written by Francis Scott Key.

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