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What tv show is Ernie Dingo doing?


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Currently, Ernie Dingo appears on The Great Outdoors, an Australian travel show.


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Ernie Dingo is still acting and most recently appeared in an episode of the television series, Redfern Now, in 2013. He is married with four children.

Ernie Dingo is a famous actor and presenter in film and television. He is also a comedian, teacher, and promoter.

Ernie Dingo is famous for being a great comedian in some of his acting roles, and for being a successful Indigenous Australian television personality.

Ernest-Ashley-Dingo/Ernie Dingo. Has made a big difference by acting in the movies, the fringe dwellers, tudawali, crocodile dundee 2,untill the end of the world, blackfellas, dead heart, somewhere in the darkness and bran nue dae. He has made all those movies great and funny. He stared in the TV show great outdoors in 2010. He narrated the indigenous segment of the 2000 Olympic Games. This is how Ernie Dingo contributed to Australia.

Evonne Goolagong, Cathy Freeman and Ernie Dingo are all famous aboriginal Australians. Ernie Dingo is a well-known television personality and entertainer; Evonne Goolagong is a famous tennis player; Cathy Freeman is a successful and talented athlete.

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