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Use a sperte print server

Connect to a networked computer and share the printer

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Q: What two methods are often used to connect a lower-cost printer to a Windows XP network?
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Which two methods are often used to connect a lower-cost printer to a Windows XP network?

#Use a separate print server. #Connect to a networked computer and share the printer

Is is possible to connect Windows Vista and Windows XP in a network?

Yes, it should work

How do you connect Windows 7 and Windows Vista in a network?

Load "windows connect now" on both computers. Some versions may not work though

What is novell client for windows?

The Novell client for Windows is used to connect your Windows XP computer to a Novell NetWare network.

How do you connect a Windows XP computer to a windows 2003 Server?

With either a wireless network card or a Cat5 cable and a switch, hub, or do i connect my mifi4510l to my windows xp desktop?

What are valid installation methods for windows xp?

Factory recovery partition, Windows CD installation and Network installation

How do you link two PC's?

There are four methods to connect two computers. You can connect via network cable USB data link cable, wireless router or Bluetooth. Choose a method then refer tp the Operating System handbook for your computors. Windows based systems are easier to network than trying to network a mixture of OS's

Can you connect 2 different OS in a network?

Yes. Windows-Linux, Windows-Mac, Mac-Linux all are possible.

What are the functions of Windows Media Center Extender?

Windows Media Center Extender allow devices which are running a windows operating system to connect or link up over a network connection. Files can be viewed or watched over the network.

Halo Combat Evolved error cannot connect to network?

Make sure Windows Firewall is not blocking Halo, and that your computer is properly connected to the network.

Can you get Windows Messenger on Linux?

Microsoft does not make a messenger for Linux. However, several Linux clients can connect to the Windows Live Messenger network, such as Pidgin, Kopete, and aMSN.

How must a computer connect to the network To use the user state migration tool?

Works only when the new Windows Vista or XP system is a member of a Windows domain.

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