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According to the 2000 Mercury Sable Owner Guide :

Motorcraft MERCON automatic Transmission Fluid is used as the power

steering fluid

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2013-07-16 01:38:51
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Q: What type of Steering wheel fluid for 2000 Mercury Sable ls?
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Where is the hazard switch on a 2001 Mercury Sable?

On top of the steering wheel column

Where is the location of the hazard flasher for 1993 Mercury Sable?

On top of the steering column. top of the steering wheel

Where is fuse box on 2000 mercury sable ls?

Below and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal ( it has a cover on it )

Cost of steering column Mercury Sable?

can you tell me the price of a mercury sadle gs /steering colum/tilt wheel/shift on the colum/eng. v 6/cruise control.

Does a 1994 mercury sable have front wheel drive?

Yes , a 1994 Mercury Sable is a front wheel drive vehicle

Is Mercury Sable front wheel or rear wheel drive?

Mercury Sables are front-wheel drive.

How do you replace1996 v6 Mercury Sable climate and take out the Mercury Sable control?

To replace the 1996 V6 Mercury Sable climate control and take out the old control, you will need to remove the covering below the steering wheel and dashboard. Then, access the climate control in the instrument panel and remove the old control.

Where do you add steering wheel fluid to a 1987 Toyota Camry?

In the steering wheel fluid reservoir, passenger side of engine. Add dextron transmission fluid to it not "steering wheel fluid"

Did the Mercury Sable 2001 ls have all wheel drive?

On a 2001 Mercury Sable : No , just front wheel drive according to my Consumer Guide book

How many lugnuts on a 2002 Mercury Sable?

On a 2002 Mercury Sable : Each wheel has ( 5 ) lugnuts / total of 20

Where is the horn located on a 1994 Mercury Sable?

on the steer wheel

Where is the fuse box on the 99 Mercury Sable?

On a 1999 Mercury Sable : The fuse box is below and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal ( it has a cover on it ) * Also , the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) is located at the front of the engine compartment , near the battery

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