What type of a ballast do compact fluorescent lamps use?

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a compact electronic ballast in the base of the lamp
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Can you use a fluorescent lamp with a dimmer switch?

You can buy dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs at virtually any hardware store these days. Just make sure that the package says that they're dimmable. They're quite a bit more expensive than either standard incandescents or regular compact fluorescents, but they'll save you money over the standard i ( Full Answer )

How do you install a two lamp fluorescent ballast?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies Now, I'm going to make some assumptions here and it will be up to you to determine if my assumptions are correct. I am assuming you have a two tube fixture that you need to connect to 120 volts. If that is the case the ballast ( Full Answer )

Can a compact fluorescent bulb be used in a lamp with a 3-way switch?

Yes, but... . Well, they sell 3-way compact fluorescent bulbs, but they're quite a bit more expensive; up to 20 dollars a bulb!...Harder to find as well, since many people (myself included) debate whether the purchase is worth it. I've made the switch w/ all but my three-way lamp. Anyway, using a ( Full Answer )

What is a compact fluorescent PI lamp?

PL mean Plug in - Light Bulb , the most comment application is CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) which require assistance components to make it work or light up, different to incandescent light bulb, it can light up by just itself direct connect to our home electricity ac 100v to ac 240v.

Why does a fluorescent lamp require a ballast?

A ballast in a fluorescent lamp does two things: it steps up the voltage to drive the lamp, and it provides a "load" or operating resistance when the lamp "fires" and conducts.. In a fluorescent application, the correct voltage for the lamp should be used, and the ballast supplies this by stepping ( Full Answer )

What savings can a CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp give?

Typical prices in the UK in 2008 are used in this answer only to illustrate the method of calculation needed to answer this question.. To make a comparison for wherever you live, just substitute your own local currency and costs for the particular lamps you want to use (lamp purchase prices, cost o ( Full Answer )

Can you dim compact fluorescent lamps?

Yes, compact fluorescent lamps can be dimmed. However it requires a dimming ballast which can be quite expensive and the amount of dimming is limited to about 20%. If you're thinking of using a dimmer you would be better off using an incandescent lamp.

Can you use a regular compact fluorescent bulb in a 2-way desk lamp ie it has 'I' and 'II' brightness levels?

The GE website says the following regarding 3-way lamps: "GE does make CFL bulbs for use in 3-way lamps. Check the package for this application. If a regular CFL is use in a 3-way switch, it will work on the middle (medium) setting and it should not damage the bulb. The 3-way switch does not alte ( Full Answer )

What is a Compact Fluorescent Lamp or CFL and how does it work?

A compact fluorescent lamp is a miniaturized conventional fluorescent tube packaged with an integral ballast on a standard light bulb base so it can be installed into most types of lighting fixture. For more information click on the Related Link and the Related Questions below.

Can a fluorescent lamp be used in DC?

Fluorescent lamps can be used in the District of Columbia. If you were really asking if they can be supplied with direct current, the answer is yes, but they really don't like it. They prefer to be supplied with alternating current, or AC, so you'd have to "chop" the DC or use it to drive an inve ( Full Answer )

Is it a myth that leaving compact fluorescent lamps on rather than switching them off and on when needed uses more energy and is worse for the environment?

Leaving the lamps on 24/7 uses more energy than turning them on only when needed.. It is equally true to say:. A) It is not a myth that leaving incandescent filament lamps on 24/7, rather than switching them off and on when needed, uses more energy and is therefore worse for the environment.. B) ( Full Answer )

Can you use a 100W HPS lamp with a 150W HPS ballast?

Not recommended. It would work but shorten lamp life and may cause risk of fire. However, if you just wanted to check a lamp was capable of striking it would be ok for a few minutes. I've done the opposite in the past and used a 150w lamp with a 100w ballast. Works, but not good for any of the compo ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of using compact fluorescent lamps?

A compact fluorescent lamp or CFL has the advantage of consuming less power. It works in the same way as a fluorescent tube light however it is made in a much more compact shape. This means CFLs can be used to replace ordinary light bulbs which have incandescent filaments. If you replace your ( Full Answer )

Compare the compact fluorescent lamp and the ordinary fluorescent lamp which has fewer spare parts?

"Compact fluorescent lamps" (or, more commonly CFLs) sold direct to consumers for installation in a standard screw-in socket have an integral ballast built into the base. The ballast converts and controls the line voltage from the socket to properly drive the fluorescent lamp. Ballasts are generally ( Full Answer )

Why is it that mercury is used in fluorescent lamps?

It is required to make the lamp conduct electricity. And when it does the mercury then radiates ultraviolet light and this in turn makes the coating inside the lamp glow. Usually white..... but any color is possible.

Can you use a self ballasted lamp in a regular socket safely?

You should be able to use a self ballasted lamp in a regular socket safely as long as you do not exceed the wattage recommendations of the fixture. Self Ballasted simply means that the electronics to drive the flourescent bulb are all contained withing the packaging of the lamp. I hope this cleared ( Full Answer )

Can you use a regular light-bulb in a self-ballasted lamp?

You can not use a regular light bulb in a self ballasted lamp because the lamp is some type of florescent light and a regular ligh bulb is incandescent. The ballast itself will tell you what kind of bulb it will run as well as somewhere else on the lamp.

How many watts does a fluorescent electronic ballast use?

Fluorescent electronic ballasts have a voltage to amperage ratio chart on their face. Use this chart by selecting the voltage you are using and the corresponding amperage, then multiply the two numbers together for your wattage. Some fixtures come with more than one ballast, so you will need to take ( Full Answer )

What is compact fluorescent lamp in science?

A Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) is type of energy-saving bulb made from a small glass tube which is filled with mercury vapour. It has a phosphorescent coating on the inside of the tube which glows when electricity is passed through the mercury vapour causing it to emit ultraviolet light. This is t ( Full Answer )

Why you use ballast in lamp?

The purpose is twofold. First it is a transformer which steps up the voltage to an amount that will operate the lamp. Secondly it acts as a resistance for the lamp. Without it the flourescent lamp would keep increasing current flow until it would completely burn itself out.

How much electricity needed for 100 watt compact fluorescent lamp?

The answer is simply100 Watts. The Wattage rating of electric light bulbs is just the amount of electricity they consume. So a 60 Watt bulb would take 60 Watts of electricity. In fact, if you could buy a 100 Watt CFL, it would have the light output equivalent to about eight 100 Watt conventional (in ( Full Answer )

Can i use a fluorescent cool white bulb in a regular desk lamp if not what type of lamp?

I take it you are referring to a screw in compact fluorescent lamp, am I right? If it screws in the socket and does not touch the metal with the glass part then it was made for the lamp. To see various size CFL lamps for lamps for any light socket visit Bright Commercial Lighting Facebook page. Orde ( Full Answer )

Can you wire a fluorescent light to work without using a ballast?

you can wire the flourescent light without ballast with the same connection instead of ballast ,just put a momentary switch ,or push button switch thru the ballast connection ,you just push for a few seconds when the light is already bright release the switch. by Jojo snaker oz- 7

Is it safe to use a 23W compact fluorescent lamp bulb in a table lamp?

Yes because it uses 23 w of electric power, which puts it below theusual limit of 60 w or 100 w for table lamps. That limit is setbecause old-fashioned incandescent bulbs like 60 w or 100 w producea lot of heat and there is a very slight fire risk. A 23 w CFLproduces less than half the heat of an ol ( Full Answer )

Compact fluorescent lamps have made a lot of changes in the lighting sector it is also changed from a fluorescent lamp to compact fluorescent lamps but still it is dependent on the ballast Why?

A ballast is an electrical component used with a fluorescent bulb (or mercury vapor lamp or arc lamp) to conduct electricity at each end of the tube. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are dependent on ballast because they use a gas to create light. when the gas is excited by electricity, it emits invi ( Full Answer )

Why fluorescent lamps not used on streets?

In colder climates a special ballast and lamps have to be used. These are known as cold start ballasts. The cost is much greater using fluorescent fixtures than HID fixtures and the light output is much less.

Does a compact fluorescent lamp use 60 watts the same as a standard lamp?

40 watts is 40 watts, that is what you are paying for. However, an incandescent bulb uses the 40 watts to make light and heat. The compact bulbs make more light and less heat for the same wattage. To actually save, choose a lower wattage that will give acceptable light levels.

What are the uses for compact fluorescent light?

Compact fluorescent lights are used in place of incandescent lights, but use one-fifth or one-third of the electrical power. They also last about ten times longer, making them very efficient for lighting rooms.

Can you use a 220v fluorescent tube on a 110v ballast?

It is not a fluorescent tube that is voltage rated, it is a ballast that is used to raise the secondary voltage to fire the tube. If your working voltage is 110 volt and the voltage required for the ballast is 110 volts then the tube should work in the fixture. You can not apply 220 volts to a 110 v ( Full Answer )

What is the uses of ballast in fluorescent lamp?

The ballast sends high voltage to the bulb in order to get the gasto illuminate. It then controls the amount of current necessary.There are many different types of ballast and they all work alittle differently.

How much is a compact fluorescent lamp?

The prices for compact fluorescent lamps vary in price depending on size, where you buy them, and what materials they are made of.