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If it was about the size of a crow and clinging to the side of a tree, it was probably aPileated woodpecker.

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What bird has black and white stripes?

This is not enough to identify the bird. What type of bird was it? How large? Where?

What kind of bird is the albatross?

It is a large sea bird that is often white with black at the end of their wings.

What bird is black with white tipped wings?

If it's a large bird, it could be a wood stork.

A large black bird?

A raven is a large black plumaged bird.

What black and white sea bird has four letters in its name?

A gull is a black and white sea bird that has four letters in its name. A gull is a large bird with a loud call that lives near the sea.

Large white sea bird with black tipped wings seen in Green Bay Wisconsin with long bill or beak almost as large as a pelican?

A large white sea bird with black tipped wings is a Gannet. I don't know if they are seen in then Great Lakes

What bird has speckled black and white belly?

What bird is brown with black & white speckled belly

What is the name of a black and white bird that starts with the letter o?

Ocellated Tapaculo is mostly black with large white spots. It also has a red head and throat.

What bird is black and white?

Magpies are an example of black & white birds.

What bird comes from a black bird?

Zebra finches they are little, cute birds you can buy them in black or white or black and white like a zebra

What bird has a red bill white head and black body?

The black skimmer is a bird that has a red bill, white head, and black body.

What are black and white diving birds?

One black and white diving bird is an auk, which includes puffins, guillemots, and razorbills. Another black and white diving bird is a murre.

What large African bird has a white body black head tail long black legs and long black beak?

i want to say an ostrige? i don't know. maybe go on Google and type in large African bird and look at the images it might come up...

What is the name of the black bird?

the name of black bird is socko white bird is splitter blue bird is tiny green bird is boomerang

What is the white bird called that has black wing tips?

a white bird with black tip wings, omg people are so dumb

Which bird is black and has white spots on wings?

A bird that is black with white spots on its wings might include the ivory billed woodpecker or the jackdaw. This might also be the tri-colored black bird.

What bird is white and black and has a long beak?

The bird that is white and black and that has a long beak is the White-breasted Nuthatch. These birds are native to Canada and live in the woods.

What bird has black and white striped feathers?

an ostrich and a peacock have black and white feathers

What bird is black and white striped?

Either the black-and-white Warbler or a Pied Wagtail.

What is a large white bird?

Probably an Albatross.

What does it mean when you see a flock of black birds and a white bird in the middle?

If there is only one or two white birds in a pretty large flock, it is probably an albino.

Is a black noddy a seabird with big ears?

The black noddy is a bird, but no bird has ears, large or otherwise.

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