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The best blow dryers for frizzy hair are those that have several different speed and heat settings to dry hair faster and straighter.

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Q: What type of blow dryer is best for frizzy hair?
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Can blow drying your hair too much damage your hair?

Certainly. As can a straight iron and curling iron. The heat from the blow dryer can make your hair frizzy and over time, cold cause permanent damage

What do blow dryer diffusers do?

Blow dryer diffuser are used to control the flow of air from the hairdryer itself. Many people with thick & curly hair use these to control the flow of air so there hair want become frizzy and maintain there curls. You can buy them at most beauty supply stores and many blow dryers come with the diffusers such as some of these blow dryer

How can i get rid of mi frizzy hair i use none of your frizzenes made by herbal essence but it still come out frizzy i also use mousse and blow dry my hair?

the BEST WAY to get rid of frizzy hair is to use "Garnier anti-frizz"! :)

How do you blow dry your hair?

with a hair dryer

What is the best way to wave your hair?

Wet it, and then dry it with a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment.

What is a professional blow dryer?

I recommend this professional blow dryer which is excellent, it's Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer, I use it and my hair looks great.

How do you straighten the hair using the hair dryer?

Its really easy to straighten your hair with a hair-dryer. To straighten your hair using a hair-dryer you need to comb/brush your hair then get a hair-dryer and put the heat level on high for about 20 seconds whilst combing/brushing. Then turn the hair-dryer off and just your hair will be straight. It may be frizzy but for this you can use hairspray to flatten.

Did omarion blow-dry his hair?

Omarion did not blow dry his hair. African-American hair usually does fair well with a blow dryer.

What kind of technology is in a hair salon?

a blow dryer

How do you control frizzy hair?

if you blow dry your hair try blow drying it on medium instead of high. make sure you don't rub your hair with a towel, it will make it worse. and obviously they make products for frizzy hair but they don't always work as well as you would like.

What is a semi permanent blow dry?

a blow job using a hair dryer

A solution for hair that is frizzy dry short and dull with dandruff?

Try using healthy shampoos and conditioners such as Pantene Pro V. Heat and wind can also damage your hair. If you have an old blow dryer, you may have to purchase a new one.

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