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Q: What type of bond linkage in starch and glycogen?
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What type of polysaccharide is found in potatoes?

Starch is found potatoes, not Glycogen. Glycogen is the plant equivalent of animal glycogen. A potato has starch but no glycogen; muscle cells have glycogen but no starch. The starch we eat is broken into glucose in the stomach/small intest and then reassembled in the muscle cells as glycogen.

How are starch and glycogen similar and how do they differ?

Startch have two types of polymer chain,one is amylose and another is amylopectin.Amylose is simple straight chain of glucose(1--->4 linkage),while amylopectin have branching.At branching point,there is 1--->6 linage and 1--->4 linkage in every subchain. So,in startch 1-6 linkage comes after 20 to 25 gucose monomer,while in gycogen this linkage comes very frequently.....

Starch cellulose and glycogen belong to what type of organic compounds?

uh amino acids

What kind of polysaccharide is found in plant walls and most abundant polymer on earth?

Cellulose. Cellulose is a polymer of glucose molecules. It is different from starch or glycogen due to the type of bond between the glucose molecules.

The structural difference between amylose and amylopectin?

Amylose is type of starch which is unbranched. Consisting 1-4 Alfa glycosidic linkage. It is not easy to digested and takes less space than amylopectin. Amylopectin is branched and consisting 1 alfa 1-6 linkage per 30 alfa 1-6 linkage. It is similar to glycogen expecting lower level of branching.

What type of chemical bond does modified corn starch?


What type of protein is glycogen?

Glycogen is not a protein at all. As it does not content amine acid. It is a polymer of glucose and called animal 'starch'. It is stored in liver and some in muscles. About 300 grams of glycogen is stored at any given time.

Does cotton contain starches?

All plants and animals contain starch of some kind. Cotton fibers are cellulose which is a particular type of starch. Actually, that is not technically correct. A starch by definition has alpha 1,4 linkage between its molecules while cellulose has beta 1,4 linkage. If you used the iodine test for starch on a piece of cotton, you will get a negative result.

What type of organic molecule is glycogen?

Glygogen is made of glucose. So it is an organic compound.

What type of biomolecule is the primary energy storage molecule in animals?

Sugar (Glucose) and also Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

What are some examples of polysaccharid?

A polysaccharide is a type of sugar composed of a long chain of monosaccharides. Examples are cellulose, starch, glycogen, and chitin.

Where are enzymes that break down starch found?

Protines make up enzymes that break down starch, as well as other large moleculse, this process is called hydrolysis. Most enzymes end in "-ase" and work only in specific reactions. Polysaccharides such as glycogen are formed by linking many monosaccharides. The most common polysaccharides are starch, glycogen, and cellulose. All of these are polymers of glucose. They differ by the type of bond found between glucose molecules. Starch is the storage form of glucose found in plants; glycogen is the storage form in animals. Most glycogen in humans is stored in the liver and muscle. Human saliva also contains an enzyme called amylase. This enzyme helps to turn starch into a sugar called maltose. When your food gets into the small intestine, more amylase is made by the pancreas and this turns the remaining starch into maltose. Another enzyme (maltase) turns all this maltose into glucose. Glucose is then absorbed into the blood.