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The hydrochloric acid molecule has a polar covalent bond between hydrogen and chlorine atoms.

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What type of bond is likely to form the compound Hydochloric acid?

as they are of non-metals, so covalent forms hydrochloric acid.

Do hydrogen and chlorine form a covalent bond?

That's right, hydrogen and chlorine, which combine to form hydrochloric acid, form a covalent bond.

Which two atom forms a covalent bond?

Hydrogen and chlorine form a covalent bond. They together form hydrochloric acid.

What is an ionic compound held together by?

its the attraction between the anion and the cation called ionic bonding. like H+ and Cl- will ionic bond and form HCl (hydrochloric acid).

How does calcium react with hydrochloric acid?

They fizz up and produce a gas. Plus form a compound.

Is hydrochloric acid found in nature?

Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid - the purest form of it.

Can hydrochloric acid form salt?

Yes. If hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide or some other basic sodium compound one of the products will be sodium chloride, or table salt.

What is the deffintion for acid?

Acid:A compound that can donate a proton or accept a pair of electrons to form a covalent bond with a base

Is hydrogen and chlorine a compound?

Hydrogen and chlorine form a covalent compound hydrogen chloride, HCl. When this is dissolved in water it dissociates to form H+ and Cl-, and it is called hydrochloric acid.

What compound was formed from the neutralization reaction of Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid?

The neutralization reaction of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid will form sodium chloride (common salt) and water. NaOH +HCl --> NaCl+ H2O

Is hydrochloric acid mixture or compound?

"Hydrochloric acid" is commonly used by chemists to name both a compound and a mixture. The compound is more formally called "hydrogen chloride", has the chemical formula HCl, and always contains the same number of hydrogen atoms as of chlorine atoms. This pure compound is a gas at standard temperature and pressure, but it is readily soluble in water to form a liquid solution that is usually called hydrochloric acid. Because the amount of hydrogen chloride dissolved in water can vary, this is a mixture rather than a compound.

What is the acid in your stomach called?

Stomach Acid is an extreme form of Hydrochloric Acid.

What is the balanced chemical equation for hydrochloric acid plus water?

Hydrochloric acid doesn't react with water; they form a solution.

What is the precipitate of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide?

There is typically no precipitate from the reaction of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. These compounds react to form sodium chloride, a compound that is quite water soluble. Thus, unless the solution is already saturated (which it is assumed not to be), there is no precipitate.

What happens when you put small pieces of Magnesium into hot hydrochloric acid together?

Magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to form hydrogen gas and magnesium chloride. Magnesium readily gives up electrons as it binds with chlorine, replacing chlorine's covalent bond with hydrogen with a stronger, ionic bond. The free hydrogen atoms combine to form H2 hydrogen gas.

What is a compound ion?

Its a Compound ( which is when two ions bond and form 'one' atom/compound) with a charge - Its a Compound ( which is when two ions bond and form 'one' atom/compound) with a charge -

What is the ionic name for HCL?

Other than being hydrochloric acid, which is an aqueous solution of HCl which fully dissociates to form OH3+ and Cl- (HCl is a strong acid), this compound in the gaseous form is called...,hydrogen chloride.

When Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid is mixed together does it form an compound?

Yes, following the reaction : Mg + 2HCl(aq) -> MgCl2(aq) + H2(g)

What happen when hydrochloric acid is added to the zinc powder?

Zinc will replace hydrogen from its compound (H Cl) to form Zn Cl and hydrogen is liberated.

What Metal elements produces hydrogen gas when it is placed in hydrochloric acid?

Metal + Acid = Salt + Hydrogen Any metal that reacts with hydrochloric acid will form a metal chloride salt and hydrogen Sodium metal and hydrochloric acid

Why is chlorine necessary for digestion?

We need chlorine to help form hydrochloric acid in our stomachs because chlorine is a part of the element of hydrochloric acid

What salt will hydrochloric acid produce?

Hydrochloric acid reacts to form chlorides. Typically you react it with a base but it can be performed by direct reaction with a metal.

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