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Leukemia is a type of cancer that involves the blood and the bone marrow. It does not cause the formation of tumors or lumps in the body.

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Q: What type of cancer does not form a lump in the body?
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How does cancer affect your body?

Cancer affects your body in many ways. The specific ways in which it affects it depends on the type of cancer.

The most common form of cancer is?

The most common type of cancer is lung cancer.

What are the medical signs of cancer?

Medical Cancer signs will depend on the type of cancer. For instance breast cancer symptoms will be pain in breast, lump in breast. Lung cancer will show the symptoms like coughing, chest pain

Why does my hamster have a lump at its back leg?

This may be a sore, type of cancer, or a tumor! You must go to a vet as soon as you can!!!

What type of skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer worldwide?


What is gastric cancer?

Gastric cancer is a type of cancer found in the stomach which is why it is often referred to as stomach cancer. Gastric cancer can spread throughout the body and effect all the body's organs.

What is carsinoma?

Carcinoma is a type of cancer that starts in the epithelial cells. This type of cancer starts in a tissue that lines the surfaces of the body.

What type of cancer does Cathy have on The Big C?

Kathy has stage 4 Melanoma a particularly deadly form of skin cancer. It is said I think in the 1st episode when she says she has a lump on her behind but it is also said when she tells her brother Sean in the 7th episode "Two for the road" Kristopher

Is lung cancer spreadable?

It is possible with any type of cancer that it can spread to other parts of your body.

How many organs in your body can get cancer?

Any organ, or any type of tissue or cell in the body can produce a type of cancer. This potential exists in every living cell which makes up the human body.

What is one type of cancer that there is no cure for?

There is no cure for any form of cancer, but there are a few that are terminal. An example of one of these is pancreatic cancer.

Is HIV a type of cancer?

No. HIV is a virus which invades from outside the body. Cancer is one's own cells inside the body which grow uncontrollably.

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