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BurgerKing, Hardies and subway. Become a drug dealer.

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What careers are available to someone convicted of a felony?


Is a third degree felony higher than a first?

A 1st Degree Felony is worse than a 3rd Degree felony.

Can i get a bachelor's degree with a felony?

You can earn a bachelor's degree even if you have a felony.

Is a third degree felony worse than a first degree felony?


What degree felony is a possession of a fire arm?

3rd degree felony

What degree felony is a third dwi?

They can prosecute for a third degree felony.

What is an example of a first degree felony?

Murder is an example of a first degree felony

Is a first degree felony worse than and 2nd degree felony?


How are felony's classified?

This can vary slightly by state (from highest punishment to lowest): * Capital Felony * First Degree Felony * Second Degree Felony * Third Degree Felony * State Jail Felony (different states name this differently).

Is a first degree felony worst then a second degree felony?

Yes, just like first degree murder is worse than second degree.

Is a fourth degree conviction a felony?

The degree of a crime is relative to the crime itself and does not determine whether or not it is a felony. I.e. murder in the second degree is a class A felony and reckless burning in the second degree is a gross misdemeanor.

What is a fifth degree felony?

A fifth degree felony is a lesser crime of felony like receiving stolen property. The higher the degree the worse the crime like murder is F-1.

Is a 1st degree felony or third degree felony worse?

The most severe is the First Degree Felony, which consists of murder, rape, etc. The higher the degree numerically [2nd, 3rd, 4th etc] the lower the severity.

What is the difference between first degree murder and first degree felony murder?

Nothing is different between 1st degree murder and 1st degree felony murder. The only difference is the addition of the word "felony". In fact, both are the same crime and both are felonies, so "1st degree felony murder" is a redundant term.

What determines the degree of a felony?

The degree of felony (or misdemeanor) is written into the statute by your state's legislators when they wrote the law. It usually (but not always) has to do with the degree of serioussness of the offense.

What amount is of bad check is felony in Ohio?

If the check or checks equals $1,000 to $7,500 it is a felony of the fifth degree. If the check or checks equals $7,500 to $150,000 it is a felony of the fourth degree. If the check or checks are for more than $150,000 it is a felony of the third degree.

What type of felony is a habitual driving in Florida?

3rd degree felony

Is domestic violence a felony in Ohio?

First conviction is a first degree misdemeanor and second conviction is a fifth degree felony.

What is the exact punishment for stabbing someone in Perth?

In Perth, Western Australia, the punishment is as follows: Depending on the level of injury, it would be either 1st or 2nd degree assault. First degree is a level 11 felony carrying roughly 9 years for someone with no history and 25 years for someone with the max history. If it is second degree assault, it is a level 4 felony carrying 9 months for somoene with no history or 5 years for someone with the max history.

Is a possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose 3rd degree a felony or misdemeanor?


What is a 1st degree felony?


Is there any felony attorneys available in Chicago?

Yes, there are many different felony attorneys available in Chicago. Some of those felony attornies that are available in Chicago are Gaboyers and many other lawyers.

Can someone become a paralegal with a felony conviction?

Yes. Becoming a paralegal is simply graduating with a degree. There is no bar examination or anything like that.

What is an F3 felony in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, felonies are divided into five classes: capital felonies and first degree through fourth degree felonies. A capital felony is the most serious followed by a first degree felony. A fourth degree felony is the least serious. Third degree felonies include voluntary manslaughter, aggravated battery, some sex crimes, and aggravated stalking.

What is a third degree felony?

Third Degree felonies are considered the least serious class of felony; anything less serious is considered a misdemeanor.