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Q: What type of cell is most important for scar formation?
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Complications of healing by scar formation?

potential complications after healing by scar formation include all the following except...A. lack of sensory function in the areaB.contractures and adhesionsC.INCREASED HAIR GROWTHD.keloid formation

What protein is involved in formation of scar tissue?


What protein is involved in the formation of scar tissues in wound healing?


What protein is involved in the formation of scar tissue in wound healing?


The medical term for a normal scar?

A cicatrix is a scar left by the formation of new connective tissue over a healing sore or wound.

Will you get a hole in your eyebrow or scarring if you get an eyebrow piercing?

sometimes it will scar and sometimes i wont. after you take it out it will have a little scar for awhile but most of the time it will go away but sometime it does not. but if it does scar it will be small =)

Post surgical scar tissue in the elbow?

Post surgical scar tissue in general is called adhesions. This is the scar formation below the surface of the skin. As with elbow surgery or carpal tunnel surgery the tissue heals back in kind of a spider web formation. Sometimes this formation attaches to surrounding structures like nerves, which can cause problems and symptoms down the road.

What protein is intimately involved in the formation of scar tissue in wound healing?


What is a bud scar?

Crater-like ring of chitinousscar tissue located on the surface of the mother cell. It is formed after the newly emerged daughter cell separates thereby marking the site of cytokinesis and septation. The number of bud scars that accumulate on the surface of a cell is a useful determinant of replicative age. §Budding is followed by formation of bud scar, which almost never occurs at the same location §The latter is indicative for the number of cell divisions and often used as an estimate of the mother cell age.

When skeletal muscle fibers decrease in diameter it causes?

Excessive formation of scar tissue.

What is a typical result of repairing aging skeletal muscle tissue?

formation of scar tissue

What is the formation of scar tissue in the lung resulting in decreased lung capacity?

pulmonary fibrosis