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The best type of cell phone to use that is easy to access the internet with is a smart phone. There are many brands that are easy to use including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia.

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Yes, there is. It's very common and easy to find in the major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai.. Many hotels have internet access and rental fees are very reasonable. There are also internet access shops where you can rent a computer with internet access. If you are in a village or out in the country, you may only get cell phone service and no internet.

Some of the benefits to having an unlocked cell phone are: Easy access to phone features and numbers. Also, if another person has to access information (with permission)they can get to the information quickly.

yes yes it does, that is mainly what the phone is for, (beside texting!!) it is easy to access and great connection internet and it is handy :)

You keep pressing buttons, using the internet or play games! It's easy to play with the apps on your cell phone. Hope this helps! :)

Install the "print your contacts backup emergencies" app It post all your phone contacts into the cloud for easy access.

Cell phone holders are used to dock cellphones safely whether it be in a pursue or attached to a belt loop. They offer easy access to the cell phone while at the same time protecting the phone from external damages from falling or being affected by weather.

because it is easy to access and cost less than other means of communication. i.e phone usage.

They are an easy and effective way of communicating with people around the world as long as you have access to the internet. This could be through a phone, iPod or computer.

Nearly everyone has Internet service on their cell phones now. These phones can be used to check email, surf the Internet, or make lists. Despite the power of smart phones, there are still a number of computing tasks that they are simply not capable of. Many people prefer to use their laptop computers for more intensive tasks, such as word processing or photo editing. While it is possible to take advantage of wireless Internet in many public locations, these locations are not always available and they can cost the user money. Fortunately, it is possible to access the Internet provided on many cell phone's data plans directly through a laptop computer.Before using a cell phone to connect a laptop computer to the Internet, it is important to ensure the correct data plan is chosen. Be sure that the cell phone can access the Internet and check how many minutes a month are available. After this has been completed, the following easy steps will get the laptop connected to the Internet in no time.Contact the cell phone provider and request tethering. They will provide an access code, which may require an additional monthly fee.Enable bluetooth on the cell phone by accessing phone's settings menu. Typically, this would be done by going to "Settings">"Connection">"Connectivity">"Bluetooth">"Enable."Enable bluetooth on the laptop by going to "Start">"My Network Places">"Add Wireless Connection." Then click on the bluetooth icon. Click "allow" for the computer to search for nearby bluetooth devices.Click on the phone's icon when it pops up. Enter the same four-digit passcode in the computer and the phone to allow access.Click the bluetooth icon on the laptop computer. The computer will display a prompt to enter the phone carrier-provided access code. Upon entering this code, it should be possible to access the Internet.Although this connection can be rather slow, it does provide an option for laptop users that do not want to pay for expensive wireless Internet. With a few simple steps, these cell phone owners can access the Internet on a more highly-powered computing device.

Stealth Genie is an app that you can use for spying on a cell phone. It is super easy to install, and lets you spy on calls, SMS, internet activity, emails, and so much more.

its easy actually all you hav to do is get a new cell phone so you can get another cell phone number

The Apple iPad provides quick and easy access to the internet anywhere you are. It is small and lightweight enough to fit in a briefcase or purse but offers a big screen so no squinting is required as it is when using a cell phone.

Yes you can access the internet search this on youtube its really easy if you have WI-FI

Quite easy. Most Palestinians have cell phones and access to Internet (either at home or in Internet Cafes), so they have ready means of communication. The difficultly is getting materials into the Gaza Strip, but not information.

The Windows cell phone is now being offered by many different phone companies. It is the newest version of a smartphone available. The Windows phone can integrate all of your contacts through your social media sites. You can save and access all of your Windows documents. The Windows phone has numerous features that are not available on other smartphones. All of your information and accounts are in one place and easy to access.

Installing a cell phone holder in a car is not only a perfect way to prevent having to search for the phone when it rings, but it also can prevent accidents as well. Cell phone holders can put a cell in a visible place which helps a driver keep their eyes on the road, and still have easy access to their cell. Not only are these cell holders great for keeping the phone in one place, but they can also double as charging stations for when the phone isn't in use.

Easy access to social networkingwebsites and communication. Also easy access to the news. If no internet, then something to entertain you for hours.

"Internet conferencing is easy, quick and simple. So simple that it requires just an average PC with internet access. Then all they do is launch their web browser and it's as easy as clicking a link."

Dialup internet access from Basic ISP cost $10.95 a month. This gives one unlimited, reliable internet access with over 45,000 access numbers. Users have the access of easy-to-use Configuration Wizard.

"The best" is always a matter of opinion. When a buying a cell phone "the best" phone, is the one that suits your needs without going over your budget. When getting a new cell phone, children are usually looking for ones with easy access to internet, mp3's, and text messaging. Try to look at the phone in person and find one with these features, that feels sturdy, without going over your budget. I cannot give a definite answer as to which phone is "best", because that is an opinion.

The answer is yes, however this is not an easy task and you would probably be better off buying a GSM phone instead.

When you buy a cell phone, you have two basic choices. First, you need to ask yourself why you want one. If you need a cell phone only for simple calling, text messaging and voice mail, you will be happy with a traditional basic cell phone. The main benefits will be easy use and low cost. If you're looking for a cell phone that does more, you will have to choose a smart phone. Smart phones cost more, but give you many more options. Internet capability is the main advantage of a smart cell phone.

Product information is easy to access

Information about cell phones isn't as easy to find as that for a land line number. You are not able to just look it up in a book. But if you have access to a computer and the cell number, you can find out the name of that number's cell phone provider. Log onto and enter the area code and phone number. The website will display the provider for the handset assigned that number.

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