What type of clothes do Scottish people wear?

Scotland clothing mainly features the tartan which is the traditional dress of Scotland. People of the Highland Scots mostly wear this dress. Kilt was the one of the traditional Scotland dress of the people.

The modern Scotland clothing comprises of jackets, sporran, skean dhu, kilt hose and garters. Kilt is only worn by men because it is male garment .Very few people wear tartans and these Scotland traditional dresses are mostly found in the tourist markets. Seldom you can see a tartan trouser or tartan bonnet.

Ladies prefer to wear well cut curtain skirt. The length of the skirt mostly depends on the fashion trend. Some ladies prefer to wear calf-length skirts with belts .They also wear blouses with cuffs or collars .Velvet silk jackets are also worn by the people.

For daily wear men wear dresses according to their need. They wear shirts, pullovers or an anork. Different varieties of shoes and stockings can be worn.

People do not like to wear tartan ties. Due to the hot weather jackets are avoided. Ties are mostly worn with jackets in churches, parades and receptions. Feathers are not allowed on the bonnets

In the mountainous area heavier stockings are worn.
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