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The type of democracy where all citizens vote with no elected representatives is the direct democracy.

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Q: What type of democracy do all citizens vote directly with no elected representatives?
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What is meaning of broader?

Two types of Democracy 1. Direct democracy- In which all the citizens of the country assemble in a place and directly take part in decision making. 2. Indirect democracy or Representative Democracy-In which people elect their representatives and those elected representatives make major decision. The majority of people rule through their elected representatives.

A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives is called?

representative democracy

How do citizens influence the government in a democracy?

Through their elected representatives they take part in law-making.

When citizens make or alter a law themselves rather than rely on elected representatives that are participating in what?

Direct Democracy

Ancient rome Did the citizens look forward to a rperesentative form of government where each had voice in the process?

During the period of the Roman Republic the citizens elected the executive officer of state, the consuls, the praetors, the censors, the aediles and the quaestors. They were not representative because the republic practiced direct democracy. Representatives are elected in the modern form of democracy, which is indirect democracy. The Romans did not elect MPs, congressmen or senators. They elected the executive directly.

What are two types of democracy?

The two types of democracy are direct democracy and representative democracy. In a direct democracy, the government is composed of the citizens, who all vote on any issue that may arise. In a representative democracy, the citizens elect people to represent them, and then their elected representatives form a government and act on behalf of the people who elected them.

What are the attributes in a direct democracy?

Generally a direct democracy uses citizens votes to determine every law whereas as a representative democracy has representatives elected to vote for the peoples interests.

How is athenian democracy similar to democracy?

It was not - it was direct democracy where the citizens met in fortnightly assembly and decided on issues which the council implemented. Modern democracy is representative democracy, where elected representatives carry out the functions of governance.

What type of totalitarianism is israel?

Israel is a parliamentary democracy, with government representatives popularly elected by all citizens. It's not totalitarian.

Which statement best describes a difference between presidential and parliamentary democracies?

Apex The members of the legislative branch are directly elected by the people

What is a government in which the ultimate power belongs to the citizens through their right to vote?


What is another way to say representative democracy?

A type of Democracy in which the citizens delegate authority to elected representatives.