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What type of exams will you need to become a palstic surgeon?


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You would need a medical degree and residency in surgery to become a surgeon. If you become a registered nurse, you could assist a surgeon.

You have to clear the exams required to become an astronauts.

It takes sixteen years to become a Plastic Surgeon.

8 years of surgical school to become an entry level surgeon, After becoming a doctor.

In order to become a breast implant surgeon, one would need to attend college to earn your PhD and specialize in plastic surgery. Then one would need to become board certified in order to practice as a breast implant surgeon.

to become a surgeon you need, 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 4-8 years of specialized residency training.

need to have a degree need to pass all the exams

To become an oral surgeon you need to have at least six years of college and a few years as an assistant to an oral surgeon. Much like any job of this type the biggest part of being educated is the hands on experience.

You would need to complete alot of studies to become a sugeon who preforms bariatric surgeries. You would need to become a normal surgeon first. You could ask your local doctor if he or she knows of the good schools

you have to go to college and medical training for 5 years to a general surgical residency 2-3 years to thoraic surgery residency and pass both written exams...

You need to study biology to become a surgeon because surgeons need a detailed understanding of human physiology, and biology is a prerequisite for that. Actually, this is debatable. Studying animals and plants may contribute in a general way to understanding how to learn in science but one can become a surgeon without knowing anything about ferns and rats.

If you are hardworking, dedicated, and good with your hands, then you should have no problem becoming a surgeon. need not have brains!!

Go to Africa and study, its a great idea.

u need to take MPC in college and then attempt exams like EAMCET,IIT and other competitive exams. R.MAHALAKSHMI

Yes, and it depends on what kind of surgeon. If you were to say become a neurosurgeon, you will need math to calculate the diameter of the cut. Also, you will for any surgeon need to have a history in physics, there you can measure how deep the cut is, and when the patient will wake up

Before work experience you need formal medical training and to pass all the medical exams. Once you have done this you then work in hospitals as part of a surgical team to gain experience.

You need to take the history of medicine and nursing.

You will need a doctor, a psychologist and a plastic surgeon. You will need medications, councelling and surgeries.

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