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In Kenya they eat a wide variety of food. However some foods are more common than others, some very typical foods are: Ugali, chipates, Goat stew and porridge. Ugali is a water and maize mixture that becomes a white paste. This is scooped out and formed into the shape of a spoon, it is used as a spoon to scoop stews and soups. Chipates are round and much like tortillas, they are eaten with almost every meal, typically you scoop up whatever the main dish is and eat them together. Goat stew is also very common for lunch and/or dinner. It is simply a stew made out of goat meat and vegetables. Porridge is eaten for breakfast, and is much like cream of wheat.

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What food do people eat in Kenya?

The people in Kenya eat several different types of food. The main food that they eat is called ugali. Other foods in Kenya are vegetable soups, fish soups, and rice.

What food do peole in Kenya eat?

in Kenya people eat,ugali,chipates,goat stew,and porrige

What food do they eat in Kenya?

They Eat All Sort Of Stuff :)

What type of food do kenyas eat?

Ugali is one type of food that is commonly eaten in Kenya. Some other popular dishes from this area include nyama choma, and sukuma wiki.

What kind of food do people in Kenya eat?

people in Kenya eat ugli, chipates, and goat stew they are the typical things, but there are more

What type of famous food is grown on Kenya?


What type of dunner do people in Kenya eat for their celebration?

people in kenya like to have turkey and roast beef

What kind of food do they eat in Kenya?

thay eat vegetabledishes, legumesandlentils, breadsandgrains, sukumawiki, and chapti

How do people in Kenya eat food?

Bethany and leanne is making brownies!!x

Why do insects destroy crops in Kenya?

Most of the insects that live in Kenya need food so they eat the crops to keep alive.

What do the maasai people in Kenya eat?

They eat food like beans and corn.They do not eat wild game or fish depending on the meet!

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Zebras Migrate To Kenya And Tanzania To Find More Food To Eat...

What is the most important food in Kenya?

Maize. Most Kenyans eat maize meals.

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