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What type of government did the colonies have?

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Virginia had an elected governing assembly called the House of Burgesses. Most colonies were ruled by governors appointed by the King.

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What type of government does the Connecticut colonies have?

The Connecticut Colonies had Self government.

Type of government in the middle colonies?

it was self government

What kind of government was set by the 13 colonies?

Type your answer here... The 13 colonies had a ruler \/government

What type of government did the middle colonies have?

They were democratic and had a self-government.

What type of government was in the English colonies?

Limited, and spread out amongst the colonies themselves.

What type of government did the us southern colonies have?

what were they called

What is mercantilism and how did it affect the 13 colonies?

mercantilism affected the 13 colonies because it was the type of government the 13 colonies used

What type of government was set up by the 13 colonies?

a monarchy

What was the most common type of government in the colonies?

common law

What type of government did the US first have when the colonies won their independence from Great Britain?

self government

What type of government did the northern New England colonies have in the 1600s?


What type of government did the original thirteen colonies have?

a constitutional monarchy or a monarchy

How were your colonies governed before the constitution?

By state governments. The downfall to this type of government is that all of the colonies were weak because of it.

Which kind of colonial government was most disliked by settlers?

Royal colonies type of colonial government was most disliked by settlers. These colonies were under direct supervision of the King.

What type of government did the Connecticut colonies have?

we had the charter gover back then but now we are democratic

What type of economy did the southern colonies have?

they had a representative government, posted by Karris Alvarez

What sort of government did the American middle colonies have?

The American middle colonies had a colonial assembly-elected legislature in place as their government. In this type of government elected representatives would meet with the governor and assembly members in private meetings. This type of government would later be known as the lower house of legislature.

What type of government did the new England colony have?

It is a Democratic Government but its different from middle and south colonies which also have democraticIts a Democratic Theocracy government

What type of government structures did American colonies have prior to the Revolution?

They were subjects of the British Monarchy.

What year did the thirteen colonies create their own governments?

The year that the thirteen colonies did create their own governments were 1607. There were three type of government and systems that were used in the 13 colonies.

Which was the first government of the 13 colonies?

The first, the Massachusetts Government Act was government of the 13 colonies.

What type of government did America normally have?

From 1604 to 1776 the colonies were under the British empire and king.

What is the government in the middle colonies?

the main form of government in the middle colonies was that of gerunds

What were the different types of government in the 13 colonies?

== == They were a monarchy with a king or queen. A monarchy is a type of government controlled by a king and or queen. All of them were a monarchy.

What were the origins of representative government in the English colonies?

The House of Burgesses, first type of representative government where male settlers elected burgesses, or representatives.