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What type of government is England?


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It is both a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. Michael Montagne


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England has a Parliamentary Democracy.

the type of government is the same as englands government but America has more money then England

The United Kingdom (which includes England) has a Parliamentary Democracy government.

New England had a democratic government. The Puritans made the laws and many were harsh and had death as the penalty.

When? as for right now, they have a constitutional monarchy.

England had a monarchy at the time of the American Revolution.

the government invented was Constitutional Monarchy

A Conservative and Lib/Dem coalition.

the land of England is smart constitutional monarchy and Commonwealth realm from cia.gov website

Different places had different kinds of government of course, but in England they had a monarchy.

A Parliamentary Democracy with the Prime Minister in charge.

England has a constitutional monarchy. It is well governed.

Well, it is both parliamentary and constitutional monarchy.

It is a Democratic Government but its different from middle and south colonies which also have democraticIts a Democratic Theocracy government

It has a federal parliamentary government. This government was chosen under the direction of West Germany's occupiers, France, England and the USA.

Constitutional monarchy is the type of government currently in place in England. The change from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy took place in 1688 with the Glorious Revolution.

Mixed Government. 1. King 2. House of Lords (Aristocrats) 3. House of commons

It is a democracy with an elected Prime Minister, and a constitutional monarch as a figurehead.

The Puritans maintained a society government in early New England by the use of Biblical principles. Because of their beliefs, their society was rooted in community and family.

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