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It often depends on the amount of insurance that your customers are requiring. Most of the time they want to see at least $100,000 in liability and if you are doing commercial jobs then $1,000,000.

Contact an agent in your area, they will be able to advise you.

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Q: What type of insurance do you need in SC run a cleaning business?
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What type of insurance is needed for floor cleaning business?

Commercial General Liability Insurance.

What type of insurance do you need to own a cleaning service in North Carolina?

house insurance

What type of training do I need to open my own auto insurance business?

You will need an insurance license and the associated traiing to open an auto insurance business

What kind of insurance do you need for a window cleaning business?

General Liability and Workmens Comp with policy rangong from 1000000 to 2000000 depending what type of windows residential or commercial.

Expert system applied in insurance evaluation these expert system applied in business organization and discuss it components function and process?

i operate a cleaning business and need some type of libility insurance to cover and error caused by myself or my employees what would that cost me monthly?

I am thinking about starting a small business doing cleaning jobs for people and businesses. Will I need a license or some kind of insurance to do it?

You should check with your town or county to find out if you need a license for this type of business, as the laws vary. It would be very wise to obtain some type of liability insurance to cover you in case damage or injury occurs as a result of any of the tasks you perform.

Where can you get liability insurance for a partnership cleaning business in Missouri?

Contact a good agent, they will be able to assist you with this, if they do not sell the type of insurance you require they will more than likely know an agent that does.

What type of basic insurance needed to start a cleaning service?

I would imagine you would need public liability

Information about Property and liability insurance?

Insurance definitions found on the web can explain property and liability insurance more in detail. However the type of business you have will tell you what type of coverage you will need.

How much is business insurance for small business?

It depends on the type of the business and the type of insurance you are interested in, or in need of. As you know - there are many different insurance policies and you should take the time to learn them and to choose the right ones for your business. You should consult an insurance agent or broker, but ensure that he or she is duly licensed in your state and that the insurance company that you are placed with is authorized to transact business in your state. The latter two confirmations can be done by consulting or calling the state Department of Insurance.

Business Liability Insurance ?

form_title=Business Liability Insurance form_header=Protect your business with the right business liability insurance for your needs. What is the annual revenue of your company?=_ Does your company currently have insurance coverage?= () Yes () No What type of business liability insurance do you need? (Check all that apply)= [] General Liability [] Workers Compensation [] Business Owners Policy (BOP) [] Property [] Professional Liability [] Business Travel [] Business Automobile

What type of business insurance is required for a beer distributor?

If one is looking for business insurance for a beer distributor it is required to have beverage wholesaler insurance. This type of insurance would cover things such as property and sign coverage, equipment breakdown insurance and business income insurance.

Cleaning Business?

Cleaning business should be taken care of properly. There is always a need for better customer satisfaction, quality techniques, new equipment etc. ProTeam Cleaning Services provide high level cleaning services such as Exterior Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Driveway & Patio Cleaning, Decking Cleaning, etc.

Is business interruption insurance a good insurance company?

"Business Interruption Insurance is not an insurance company. It is a type of insurance that protects a business in case of an interruption such as machinery malfunction, power outage, or other reason that may cause the business to be interrupted temporarily."

What type of insurance do you need if you use your own car to instruct a new driver as an employee of a driving school?

If not covered by the school itself, you need insurance that covers "business" in addition to "pleasure" use. Also, you will need insurance that covers additional drivers.

What type of insurance coverage does a small business need?

Your husband would do best in seeking out commercial property insurance of an all-risk policy, which covers those problems known to be common with small business.

Monthly insurance costs for a small business?

it really depends on the type if business and the type of coverage.

Where can you purchase business interruption insurance?

Allianz is a servicer of business interruption insurance. If you have a small business loan, check with your loan provider as well to see if they can offer you this type of insurance.

What type of insurance do you need for a cleaning business in TN?

Bonding, Employee dishonesty, lock and key coverage, general liability, work comp if you have employees, commercial auto if you frequently use a vehicle to go from location to location. Should be $2K-3k in start up insurance costs including the auto.

Why would you need business insurance?

"Business insurance, like any other type of insurance, serves as a contingency for any unforeseeable event. It protects intellectual properties and assets as well as worker's compensation. It also deters against liability, any ensuing casualties, and business interruption."

What type of insurance do you need for a cleaning forclosed homes?

Liability insurace (in case you damage something or hurt someone) and, if you have enough employees, Worker's Compensation insurance to cover your workers that get hurt on the job.

How do you start a business cleaning out repossessed and foreclosed homes?

You will need to do everything that is involved with starting a normal business. (ie. business license, insurance) There is a good website I found that teaches how to start a foreclosure cleaning business, they have training guides, marketing guides, and bank contacts. It will teach you how to get the foreclosure cleaning contracts from the banks and reo agents plus they give you the direct bank contacts. Here's there website: Banks call your type of business, a Property Preservation Business, I would highly recommend joining the #1 Property Preservation Directory, you will also get alot of business from there, we do, Good luck with you new business!

Small Business Insurance?

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How much will cost per month to commecial insurance?

It depends on the type of business you have and your gross receipts. If you need any help with insurance or want a free quote see your local insurance agent.

Business Travel Accident Insurance?

form_title=Business Travel Accident Insurance form_header=Accidents happen. Business travel accident insurance covers you or your employees when traveling on behalf of the business. How many employees need to be covered?=_ Type of Business Entity:= {(),Corporation,LLC,Sole Proprietorship,Partnership,Non Profit,Trust,Other} Does your business travel domestically or internationally?= () Domestically () Internationally () Both Do you currently have business travel accident insurance?= () Yes () No

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