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There so many different types of jobs that Italians have. Some of them include accounting, performing arts, medicine architecture, engineering and so many more.

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Q: What type of jobs do italians have?
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What type of scenery did the Italians develop during the Renaissance for their indoor theatres?

What type of scenery did the Italians develop

What led Italians to the US?

Jobs and space

Why did the Italians leave their homeland?

There are quite a few reasons why Italians may have left their homeland. One reasons is that they needed jobs.

Why did most Italians immigrate to the US?

to get better jobs and get away from poverty.

How were Italians treated when they came to America?

Italians were discriminated against because they were stealing American jobs. Sometimes people would throw sticks or stones at the people as they arrived in America.

Do italians speak a type of Norman language?

No, Italians speak a Romance language called Italian.

Why did Italians move to America?

religious freedom and jobs. they also had little education

Why did Italians leave homeland?

For food nd more jobs or to start a better life

What jobs did Italians have when they first came into the US?

secretary danny blanco wrote this paper

What jobs did Italians have in Italy in the 1900s?

Italy people have jobs as farmers or restrant people and even ploice there's alot of jobs out there so keep looking but if you ask me I'll say anything.

What jobs do Italians have?

Italians may have jobs in churches, as administrative and religious staff. Or they may have jobs in family businesses, such as boutiques and restaurants. Or they may have jobs in hostels and hotels. Or they may have jobs in industryand manufacturing, such as leather workers. Or they may have jobs in international corporations that have offices in Italy. Or they may have jobs in municipal, provincial and national government. Or they may have jobs in medicine, such as doctors in hospitals and nurses in clinics. Or they may have jobs in regional organizations, such as the European Union and the North Atlantic Defense Organization. Or they may have jobs in research, such as scientists and statisticians. Or they may have jobs in international, private and public schools. Or they may have jobs in tourist industries, such as tour guides and travel agents.So basically, Italians have the same jobs as a person in any other country might have.

What type of food do the Italians eat?

Yummy stuff

Why did Italians immigrate into the US?

they immigrated to America so they could get better jobs, and to escape the unhealthiness of Italy

What jobs did Italians have when they first came?

making my pizza!! I've been waiting for a STINKING LONG TIME!!!!

In what year did Italians migrate to the us?

Because of starvation and disease that were killing people and there was barely any jobs

What hats do Italians wear?

Italians don't wear any special type of hat that's different from anywhere else in Europe or America.

What type of girls do Italians like?

Not all Italians like the same kind if girls. They're just people and every person has their own preferences.

Did the Italians make pizza and pasta?

Yes they did. The Italians made every type of Italian Food there is! Look up Italian Food and see other foods they have made.

What type of jobs did the ancient Pueblos do?

what type of jobs did the pueblo have

What type of spaghetti do Italian people eat?

Italians eat regular spagetti

What type of people lived in Italy?

people from all over the world but mostly Italians

What type of traditional food do Italians eat during the Christmas holiday?

they eat food

What are the citizens of Rome Italy called?

They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.

How have the italians contributed to the Australian socierty?

Italians have contributed to Australia in sport, fashion, culture, architecture, food (pizza, pasta, cheese etc) and helped provide jobs, worked on cane farms, and helped build things like the Kuranda train railway tracks.

What type of clothes do olden day Italians wear?

long socks, bowties and top hats!