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What type of license do you need to start a repo business in Michigan?


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contact your local townhall or government who will give you detailed information on how you obtain this license. You might want a Gun license too. People whose cars are being repossessed sometimes get violent.


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You have to have a license whenever you start a business.

In order to start a consulting business you will need to get a business license. You will also need to have your permits for your building.

The State of Michigan has a great website for applying for business licenses online. You will need to sign up for an account to set up your business. In addition to the license with the state, you will most likely need a business license in the County where the business is located. The cost for County business licenses is usually fairly small. Using the free website "Michigan Business Licenses Directory" you can link to the State's "Business License" website and possibly the County "Business License" office for your specific county. If you can't locate a "Business License" link for your County, you can use the website "Michigan Free Public Records Search Directory" to access a direct link to each of the counties and many of the cities and towns in Michigan.

Yes, you need a license to do anything in this world!

Yes, you do. You would need a business license.

All you need to legally start an online software business is a business license.

Yes, you will need a business license to operate a business in Florida. You can start a business as an entrepreneur and report your earnings on your personal taxes.

To start any business it is necessary to obtain a license. Running a business without a license is against the law and can result in serious problems for the proprietor. You do not need a license to start an SMS Marketing business. Anyone that has knowledge of the internet can start one.

No. When you are 17 you need a fishing license in Michigan.

Please view the related link below. A general business license to start, from your City Hall.

Every business registered license, is a document of a company name, you registred your business in your state and pay taxes in a legal fashion.

You'll need a license to work for any sort of business. You can do it as a hobby in your spare time without a license, though.

do I need a license to own a title search company in michigan

If you will be selling them as part of a garage sale or non-profit event, you don't need a license. If you want to start a business, you will need a business license and a permit from the Health Department.

for statrting dariy fform what tip of license & parmission requried

What license do I need to star a mobile coffee business

There are no license required to be a web designer. If you would like to start a business, you will need to get a business license.

To sell in Michigan, you need to have a resale number. This is obtained from the state. Then you need a business license or seller's permit, usually obtained from your local county or city.

You need a license to drive a tow truck in Michigan. You need a license to operate any vehicle on public roads.

Yes, you need a business license in order to start a clothing boutique. You will need to talk to a representative at your City Hall to determine what license will benefit you.

No matter what state you are in, if you desire to start a home improvement business you will need a business license and will also need to be bonded and insured.

An enterprise is the same as a business. You can start by determining what business license you need to operate legally in your area.

The first thing you need to do is to get a business license. You then need to have a place to run your shop and get employees to help you run the business.

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