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Sunlight. Light is measured in Lumens, the Sun emits anywhere from 32,000 and 100,000 lumens per square meter (depending on the location). A typical grow light (High Pressure Sodium / Metal Halide) produces around 50,000 lumens per square foot. In peak conditions, the Sun can double the lumens of any grow light. Also, grow lights arent well rounded in spectrums, Metal halides emit mostly a blue spectrum while High Pressure Sodium Lamps emit mostly red spectrum. The sun is well rounded on both spectrums. The other lights you mentioned cannot be used to grow plants to potential.

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Do plants grow faster under a blacklight or under sunlight?


Do plants grow best in sunlight or a floiurscent?

They grow better in sunlight because it is best if you just keep the regular stuff

Do plants grow better in sunlight or no sunlight?

sunlight because plants can`t grow without sunlight

Do plants grow better with sunlight or artifical light?

plants grow better with sunlight because of photosynethsis

What do plants grow better in sunlight or shade?

plants grow in bothbut grows much better in sunlight

Do plants grow best in artificial light or sun light?

they grow better in regular sunlight because it is more natural

What plants grow better with morning sunlight?

There are a few plants that grow better with morning sunlight. Some of the plants are spring bloomers, pansy and sunflowers.

Do plants grow better in sunlight or heated lamps?


Will plants grow better under a black light or sunlight?


Do plants grow better in the dark with nutrients or in the sunlight with nutrients?

in the sunlight because plants need sunlight,water,fertilizer to grow!!!!!!!!

Will bean plants grow better under sunlight or artificial light?

Bean plants will grow better under sunlight because sunlight has alot of vitamins that artificial light doesn't have.

Do plants grow better under light bulbs or under sunlight?


In what light do plants grow better?

plants grow very well on the sunlight. it can prepare photosynthesis with this sunlight. it gets lots of vitamin-D in the sunlight

What light is better for growing plants faster?


Why does plants grow better in sunlight?

seriously, photosynthesis

What light do plants grow better in?

Sunlight is the best light for plants to grow in.

Do plants grow better in sunlight or dark?

Tthe sunlight. If plants are in a dark place,like a closet, it will have no energy and therefore, it will die.

Why do plants live longer at the equator?

there is better soil and better sunlight, at the equater

Do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light?

Sunlight because the artificial light doesn't allow the plant to photosynthesize better.

Will plants grow better in vitamin or regular water?

regular water

Do plants grow better under sunlight or artificial light conclusions?

its better to grow in the sunlight because it will be real,natural light.and plants are part of nature so it's better to use natural thing for them

Why do radish plants grow better in artificial light?


Do plants underneath Natural sunlight or underneath a light bulb grow best?

By studies, plants grow underneath natural sunlight better.

Do plants grow faster in sun or in shade?

plants vary dramatically as to how much sunlight would benefit them. some plants grow better in direct sunlight while others thrive shaded conditions. the fact is all plants need sunlight to produce food through photosynthesis. so the best answer is that the vast majority of plants grow better in sunlight rather than shade

Do plants grow better in direct or indirect sunlight?

Different plants grow better in direct and indirect sunlight. African violets, for example grow better in indirect light as the direct sunlight will burn their leaves. But other plants, such as citrioso, sunflower, morning glory, shamrock etc grow well in direct sun.