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i would suggest that if you want a plastic bag, thats fine. but it will cost a lot of money since plastic bags go quick. a lunchbox will be fine too. it doesn't really matter. whatever works good for you, and whatever you want. :) don't stress about a lunchbox.

Well... if your just gonna keep it in ur school bag and only open it to get food, then a simple coloured plastic one should do. But if ur more of an adventurous type then get one with ur fav childhood cartoon character on it.. or some thing like ben ten, barbie or dora, etc.

I would suggest to just use a paper bag - less demonstrative and embellishing.

Vera Bradley lunchboxes are very popular at my school. Or just a paper bag works. But one of my friends has a spongebob one thats kinda cute and works for her. it just depends on the person

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