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A model 742 magazine

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Q: What type of magazine does a Remington model742 rifle holds?
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Remington 7600 magazine?

I assume the person is inquiring about the "clip" or "magazine" that holds the bullets in the Remington 7600 pump rifle. The rifle came equipped from the factory with a 4 shot clip. The clip was removeable to provide more ease in unloading and loading the rifle, but can also be lost. It can be ordered from the manufacturer or from other websites. Make sure you order it in the caliber you need.

Why doesnt Remington mohowak 10c magazine stay in?

Either the magazine catch in the rifle is broken or the magazine is worn so the catch won't hold it.

How do you load an unload a Remington Woodsmaster Model 740 30-06?

The Remington Model 740 is a magazine fed rifle. The magazine is removed by pushing on the small lever which is on the bottom of the magazine and pulling the magazine straight down. Four rounds of ammunition are loaded into the magazine and the magazine replaced in the rifle. Pull the forearm of the rifle back and push it forward to chamber a round. Beware: The 30-06 round packs considerable punch when fired in such a light rifle. Recoil should be seriously considered.

Will a stock for a Remington 581 with a clip magazine fit the Remington 591M with a clip magazine?

I don't know if the stock will fit your rifle, but if it doesn't I need a 581 stock. contact me

How many bullets does a 22 Winchester rifle model 190 hold?

The magazine holds 15 Long Rifle CARTRIDGES.

How many bullets fit in a Remington 22 cap pump rifle?

Not sure what a "22 cap" pump is. The magazine capacity of a Remington pump rifle will depend on which MODEL, and whether you are loading 22 LR, 22 Long, or 22 Short. The Model 121A holds 20 Shorts, 15 longs, or 14 Long Rifle cartridges. A model 12 would hold 15, 12, or 10.

What is a Remington 8304 Sniper Rifle?

i belief its a sniper rifle that is by Remington

What holds the clip in a 22 rifle?

Usually a spring holds the MAGAZINE in place. I don't know of any .22 rilfe that uses a clip.

How many bullets can you shoot from a 22winchester rifle 290 model?

The magazine tube holds 15 rounds.

What is approximate value of Remington 45-70 bolt action rifle dated 1875?

You may have a Remington-Keene Magazine rifle. There are model variations and different conditions which make a valuation difficult but the range is $150 for poor up to $4500 for a Navy model in VG condition. Have a Remington collector appraise it.

Is the Remington 66 a real rifle that shoots?

You're probably thinking of the Remington Nylon 66. It is very real, and it does shoot. It's a .22 LR semi automatic rifle. A couple variations were made, including variants which feed by a detachable box magazine, and variants which feed by a tubular magazine which is inserted through the rear of the buttstock.

Can you shoot a Remington 222 in a Remington 223 rifle?


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