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What type of materials would affect carbon dioxide?

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One of the best ways to scrub CO2 is with calcium and oxygen. Seawater has the biggest testament to this, as the ocean floor is completely covered in substances called calcium carbonates. This is the same mineral that small animals use to make seashells. It forms as a result of underwater volcanic eruptions, which spew thousands of tonnes of Co2 into the ocean. This is really the most efficient and effective way to get rid of CO2, as our oceans have been doing it for tens of thousands of years. If you counted up all the CO2 that's locked into calcium carbonates and released it into the atmosphere, our air would have more CO2 in it than Venus (which, as you know, has a runaway greenhouse effect resulting in temperatures of well over 1000 degrees). In fact, the only real difference between Earth and Venus in that respect is that Earth is 75% Ocean (on the surface). There are two power plants in the EU that are pumping their CO2 into a process similar to this. One pumps CO2 in liquid form straight underwater to the ocean floor, where it stays and slowly "dissolves" into seashells. The other one, in Germany, is pumping CO2 into the ground where they are hoping it will seep into saltwater aquifers and precipitate there.

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What would happen to the carbon dioxide if there were no animals?

Levels of carbon dioxide would continue to build up in the atmosphere. Animals are part of the carbon cycle. They take in and release carbon dioxide, but they don't affect the overall amount.

How would a drastic reduction in plant life on earth affect the atmosphere?

levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide would decrease and levels of carbon dioxide would increase.

Would a forest fire affect the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Forest fires increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

How does photosynthesis affect carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere?

Plants use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Having many plants would reduce carbon dioxide levels.

What would negatively affect carbon dioxide alveolar diffusion?

pulmonary edema

Which are the raw materials of photosynthesis?

The raw materials of photosynthesis would be light, water and carbon dioxide which enter the chloroplasts and react with chlorophyll.

Is there carbon dioxide and hydrogen in coke?

There is hydrogen only but no carbon dioxide. If there was carbon dioxide it would be poisonous.

If the gas is carbon dioxide what would you see?

If the gas is carbon dioxide, you would see nothing. This is because the carbon dioxide gas has no color.

How would an increase in animal life affect the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere?

It would depend on the manner of animals and the amount of increase. Generally speaking, the bigger the animal, the more carbon dioxide they will produce.

Why is carbon dioxide bad for the atmosphere?

It is vital for life! Without carbon dioxide we would have no plant life. It has an addiitional affect in that it helps warm the planet slightly. It is certainly not bad for the environment! Current levels of carbon dioxide are around 0.38% of the atmosphere.

If carbon dioxide is removed from a plant's environment what would you expect to happen to the plant's production of sugars?

nothing at all. carbon dioxide is not used in the making of sugars by a plant. Carbon dioxide does not affect the production of high-energy sugars in plants.

How would you correctly punctuate Carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) .

Does warm carbon dioxide rise faster than cold carbon dioxide?

In an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, warm carbon dioxide would rise. Since carbon dioxide is better than twice as dense as air, it would need to be really hot before it would rise.

Is carbon dioxide a good conductor of heat?

carbon dioxide is a good conductor of heat,if you had a bottle of carbon dioxide and heated it up, the carbon dioxide would stay warm.

Where would carbon dioxide concentration be the highest?

The carbon dioxide concentration would be the highest where the oxygen is low.

What would happen if there were no carbon dioxide?

First, all of the plants would die out. Plants need carbon dioxide to survive. Second, carbon dioxide helps keep our planet warm, and without carbon dioxide the planet would be much colder. Too much carbon dioxide, though, increases the planet's temperature. Third, there would be no soda. The bubbles in the soda that raise are actually carbon dioxide.

What happens if there's not enough carbon dioxide in the air?

There does not appear to be any likelihood that there will not be enough carbon dioxide in the air; currently we have more than we want. However, if for some reason there should be a shortage of carbon dioxide in the air, it would affect the growth of green plants, since photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide. In addition, the Earth would get colder, and might even enter into an ice age.

Does carbonation have an affect on the growth of plants?

Generally, yes. Plants "breathe in" carbon dioxide and "breathe out" oxygen. Carbonation in water is suffused carbon dioxide, so we would expect that the extra CO2 would promote plant growth.

How would you test for carbon dioxide?

carbon dioxide turns lime water milky

Carbon Dioxide Would Increase In The Environment If?

Carbon Dioxide would increase in the environment if the rain forests are demolished.

If you could break up a carbon dioxide molecule would you still have carbon dioxide?

Although the molecule is broken up it does not change the fact that it is carbon dioxide. Therefore you still have carbon dioxide.

When hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium nitrate is carbon dioxide evolved?

No. Where would the carbon in the carbon dioxide come from?

If air had a million molecules how many would be argon and carbon dioxide?

1265 would be argon an 30 would be carbon dioxide

Which process in plants produces carbon dioxide?

I'm afraid that would be impossible as plants take in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen not carbon dioxide

If you were a plant that wanted to use sunlight to make glucose which set of additional raw materials would you require?

Carbon dioxide and water.