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What type of mediums do sound waves travel trough?

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All matter. However, sound waves cannot pass through vacuums, such as space.

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What form does sound travel through a medium in?

Sound travels through mediums in sound waves.

What are mediums that waves can travel through?

This depends a lot on the type of waves you're talking about. Sound waves, for example, can travel through water, solid, and air mediums, but not through a vacuum. Electromagnetic waves, however, can travel in a vacuum.

How do sound waves travel trough matter?

Sound waves travel through the three states of matter (gas, liquid and solid) by vibrations.

How does sound waves travel?

Sound waves travel though mediums. Solids , liquids , and gas . It also travels though transverse and longitudinal. Also travel through the air......

What kinds of mediums can a sound waves travel through?

It can travel through a solid, liquid, gas, and plasma

How are light and sound waves different in terms of speed type of wave and mediums?

Light waves travel at approx 300,000 kilometres per second, sound at approx 0.343 kilometres/second.Light waves can travel in vacuum or through some media (there is no such word as mediums!). Sound waves cannot travel through vacuum: they needs a physical medium.

In what medium do waves travel faster?

Waves travel faster in denser mediums. For example, sound travels faster in water than air.

What are three mediums that waves can travel through?

Not all waves require mediums to propagate.Sound waves can travel through solid, liquid and gaseous mediums, while, electromagnetic waves do not require any medium to travel through.

What states of matter can waves travel through?

It depends. Is it a mechanical wave or a electromagnetic wave? Mechanical waves (for example sound waves) travel trough every state of matter and they can't exist without matter. They don't travel through vacuum. Electromagnetic waves travel trough space and get interrupted only by other electromagnetic waves.

Why do waves travel through mediums?

Waves need not require medium to travel through. Only Mechanical waves like sound waves require medium to travel through. Electromagnetic waves travel in vaccum like light waves. Some waves transmitted in a medium due to disturbances in the medium .

What are 3 mediums that can carry sound waves?

Earth, air, and water can carry sound waves.

Is it possible for humans to travel faster then the speed of sound?

Yes it is possible. As humans travel trough, Aircraft, Jets, Rockets ect which are faster than sound waves.

What mediums can an earthquake travel through?

It can travel through seismec waves.

What are some changes that can be caused by electromagnetic energy?

Unlike sound electromagnetic waves can travel trough empty space

Why is sound wave a mechanical wave?

Sound is a mechanical wave because it requires passing through a medium in order to travel. Air, water, and string are all examples of mediums that sound waves travel through.

What is a medium of a wave?

Waves that require a medium in which to travel are called mechanical waves. A medium is the substance/matter/material the wave travels in. For example, sound is a mechanical wave. Sound can travel through the mediums of water or air or solid objects. All three of these are mediums through which sound can travel.Answer 2:A wave is a moving vibration through some material. That material is called the medium. Well known examples are the surface waves of water (water is the medium) and sound (air is the medium).

Why can't you hear an explosion in space?

What do you mean by a space ? If it is a vacuume, then the sound waves do not travel trough it. -Prakash Landge, India.

Does sound travel faster through air or water?

Sound waves travel faster through denser mediums, and water is denser than air, so sound travels faster through water than air

Where does sound waves travel?

sound waves can travel in air medium

Do sound waves lose energy more quickly in stiff mediums or in less stiff mediums?

in stiff and not stiff mediums stiff mediums are too strong to let the sound wave molecules pass through, whereas less stiff mediums eventually leave the sound waves to loose energy as they pass through. the atmosphere would have to be just right from mediums, no more, no less.

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