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The nouns that are always capitalized are the first word in a sentence; proper nouns, the name of a person (Napoleon), a place (Jamaica), a thing (Eiffel Tower), or a title (War and Peaceby Tolstoy); or an acronym (USA, NSW, or NASA).

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What country has had the most capital cities?

the one with the most states as states are allways capitilized, as they are nouns :)

Is martians capitilized?


What type of nouns can be perceived by five senses?

Those nouns are called concrete nouns.

What type of noun is note pad?

The major ones are common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns, possessive nouns, and collective nouns.

Are the days and months capitilized in Mexico?


Should the word rhino be capitilized?


Does Doctor have to be capitilized?

When reffering to The Doctor, yes.

Does appointment needs to be capitalized?

it does not need to be capitilized.

Should the word noble be capitilized?


What type of nouns can be experienced by at least one of the five senses?

Concrete nouns.

Can a noun be an abstract noun?

Yes, an abstract noun is a type of noun.The types of nouns are:singular nounsplural nounscommon nounsproper nounsconcrete nounsabstract nounscount nouns (nouns that have a singular and a plural form)uncountable nouns (mass nouns)compound nounsgerundspossessive nounscollective nounsmaterial nounsattributive nouns

What is proper noun for book?

The books name, that is why it is capitilized

Should the phrase towns people be capitilized?

Nope. :)

Should seasons be capitilized in a sentence?

NO! Seasons is NOT a proper noun!

Does humming bird get capitilized?

humming bird does not need to be capitalized.

Do you capitilized the word nursing in a sentence?

No, not unless you are referring to an organization.

What is the type of nouns?

Other Types of Noun

Is a an and the nouns?

No, they are a type of adjective called articles.

In the sentence She liked thick crusts better than the thin and crispy type but she wasn't really fussy What are the nouns?

The nouns in the sentence are crusts and type.

Should the capitilized syllabe be accented in this word incrediBLE?

No. Pronounce it as inCREDible.

What type of noun is a 'gaggle' of geese?

Nouns referring to a particular group are called "collective nouns".

What type of word could modify these words path computer and bicycle?

The words 'path', 'computer', and 'bicycle' are nouns. The words to describe nouns are adjectives. Examples:a long patha new computera broken bicycleAnother type of word used to describe nouns are other nouns. Nouns used as adjectives are called an attributive nouns. Examples:a dirt pathan Apple computeran aluminum bicycle

What is the name of the site that is talking about abstract nouns?

There is an "Abstract Nouns" category right here on, you can use your search engine (type in "abstract nouns"), or try one of these:grammar-monster.comenglish.tutorvista.comenglish-for-students.comOr, go to YouTube and type "abstract nouns" into the search engine on that site for tutorial videos.

Is September a proper or common noun?

September is a PROPER noun. This is because it must be capitilized in a sentence. Names, months, holidays, weekdays, cities, and states are all proper nouns. Think of it this way: If you have to capitilize the first letter, its probably a proper noun.

Are names proper nouns?

Yes, names are proper nouns because names are explaining a specific type of person, a name.

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